Fortnite Adds New Skins and Cosmetics for World Cup 2018


About a couple of weeks ago, the video game developer Epic Games officially added basketball-themed items to the wildly popular multiplayer sandbox survival shooter Fortnite in order to celebrate this year's NBA Finals. Now, the company has decided to show its support for World Cup 2018 by adding soccer-styled skins and cosmetics to the title to get fans into the spirit of the global sporting event as well.

As indicated in the tweet below, Epic Games has added a way for Fortnite fans around the planet to show other players support for their home country during World Cup 2018. To be exact, the studio has made the six different soccer-styled skins customizable by allowing fans to select any of the countries represented in the game and the number of their favorite athlete. Bear in mind, though, that these aren't official FIFA jerseys, but just representations of the country's colors with a tiny flag on a crest.

In addition to Fortnite's take on World Cup 2018 kits, it looks as if Epic Games has also added a slew of different cosmetics such as a reskin of the pick-axe that turns it into a soccer trophy, a vuvuzela emote, and even a glider with a soccer ball pattern on top. Without a doubt, there will be loads of players who scoop up these items and more in order to celebrate their Victory Royales in gear befitting some of the world's most well-conditioned athletes.

The introduction of World Cup 2018 gear in Fortnite should see Epic Games generating loads of dough, particularly due to the fact that it recently opened up a new revenue stream by officially releasing a Nintendo Switch version not too long ago. So, taking all of this into consideration, it's highly likely we will see the studio continue to put out outfits and cosmetics in tandem with national or global sporting events as Fortnite continues to expand.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and is set to launch this summer on Android.

Source: Fortnite – Twitter

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