Fortnite: How to Get The White Scientist Skin

Fortnite White Scientist

After two and a half months, Fortnite's tenth and most divisive season is finally coming to an end. With a giant countdown timer in the sky ticking down to The End, players are anxiously awaiting what comes next for Epic's Battle Royale shooter. That doesn't mean, however, that there isn't some time left to finish a few more challenges and grab a new skin before Fortnite's new season begins.

One of the rarer legendary outfits up for grabs is the White Scientist, a variant of Fortnite Season 10's secret Scientist skin with silver armor and brighter tones. To reflect the rarity of this item, it's one of the hardest to acquire, requiring multiple challenges and hidden items. Fortunately, we have your back, so here's how to get it done:

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Meteoric Rise Challenges

Before players can unlock the White Scientist, they'll first need to have access to the base Scientist skin. This can be done by completing the Meteoric Rise Challenges, which are themed around the newly-added Rifts. The Challenges themselves aren't too complicated, and can be easily accomplished by following the guide linked in this paragraph.

As well as unlocking the Scientist skin and Meteor Man Back Bling, the Challenges also award a good number of Battle Stars, which players can use to level up their Battle Pass.

fortnite season 10 visitor recording

Visitor Recordings

Having completed the Meteoric Rise Challenges and unlocked the Scientist, players will next need to collect all six of the Visitor Recordings, which can be found scattered across the map. For help tracking them down Fortnite players need look no further than the guide linked above, which contains a detailed description of each location.

Dusty Depot

Once all the recordings have been found, players need to equip the Scientist skin that they unlocked through the Meteoric Rise Challenges, and head to the warehouse in the north of Dusty Depot. On the first floor of the building there's a computer console that can be interacted with, which will play the recordings one after another.

Once all the recordings have been played the Scientist skin will turn white, and at the end of the game the new variant will be unlocked. The recordings themselves contain a few juicy hints as to where the game will be heading in Fortnite Season 11, and are worth listening to for that reason alone.

Fortnite is free-to-play for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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