Fortnite: Where to Find Ghost Decorations

The second set of challenges for Fortnite's Halloween event, Fortnitemares, have gone live and are very similar to the first set of challenges. The first set was rather vanilla in terms of difficulty but also required players to hunt down and dance at different Gargoyles. Now, the second set is very similar but, like the first, also includes a more difficult challenge. Check them out below:

Players may note that the first three challenges are straightforward, involving both Cube monsters and Corrupted Areas. The last one, however, is a bit more complex, as players will need to find and destroy 7 ghost decoration locations found in different named locations. This isn't the first time Fortnite has featured challenges involving different named locations, but this can be a bit much for some to keep up with.

After all, while only 7 ghost decorations are required for the challenge, there are a total of 12 across the battle island. It's worth mentioning that do they stretch across the entire island, making the challenge somewhat easier, but several locations also do not contain a ghost decoration such as Fatal Fields, Tomato Temple, and Junk Junction. Nevertheless, check out the map below for each location with one of the to-be-destroyed decorations:

fortnite map find ghost decorations

Once players have found a ghost decoration, the next step is simple. Either attack it with a pickaxe or a gun to destroy it and move on to the next. Of course, players who managed to complete the first set of challenges were rewarded with a unique Dark Engine Glider, so it's worth mentioning players who complete the aforementioned tasks will receive an uncommon Deadfire spray.

With the ongoing Halloween festivities, players have plenty to do in this battle royale game, as the season 6 week 5 challenges have also recently released. Players who complete those can earn a free tier by finding the season 6 week 5 hidden battle star.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Dexerto

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