Fortnite: Where to Find Visitor Recordings

fortnite season 10 visitor recording

Only five days remain before the grand finale of Fortnite’s extended tenth season wraps up in a sendoff of potentially world-shaking proportions. But that’s plenty of time for players to take on a few more side-objectives before the battle royale gameplay resets for Season 11, and Epic Games is offering up plenty of hidden items for them to find as part of the “Out of Time” overtime mission set available now.

These items are tape recordings from the Visitor causing the Rift Beacons that have been changing up the map throughout Season 10 (and possibly bringing a new battle royale map to Fortnite). Multiple tapes have been popping up across the map, each offering its own tease of what’s to come beyond Season 10, and these are the locations of the ones that have been discovered so far.

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The Floating Island

This one will be a little tricky to pin down, as the Floating Island’s location on the map changes from match to match, but it should be easily spotted from the Battle Bus. From there, players will find a yellow truck parked next a building near the Island’s edge. The tape can be found in the back of the truck.

Retail Row

In the southeastern corner of Retail Row, there is a big building called McGuffin’s. Go inside and head up the stairs to the upper floor. The tape here is right next to the stairs, placed on the floor in front of a magazine rack.

Moisty Palms

The tape located in Moisty Palms, the area that was formerly Paradise Palms, is actually pretty easy to find. It’s just sitting on the roof of the big hotel building on its western edge.

Greasy Grove

On the western side of Greasy Grove is the taco restaurant, the largest building in the area. To find the tape here, players simply need head inside, and they can find it on one of the booth tables.

Starry Suburbs

The tape can be found in the big brick building on the southern end of Starry Suburbs. Head to the third floor by either the stairs or breaking in from outside and it can be found sitting on a bed.

Gotham City

Like the Moisty Palm tape, this one is just laying out in the open. In this case, players can find it in on the street in front of the theater on Gotham’s west side.

It’s worth noting that not all of the challenges tied to collecting these tapes are available just yet. Epic Games appears to be staggering their release, adding them to Fortnite in pairs every day. As such, there may be more tapes added to the game in addition to the ones listed above before Season 10 ends this Sunday. One can only guess where those could end up, though.

Fortnite is free-to-play for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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