Fortnite: Where to Find Season 10 Week 7 Secret Battle Star

fortnite season 10 week 7 battle star

Week 6 of Fortnite Season 10 wrapped this morning, and as such, Week 7 is officially underway. Players should know the drill by now. A new week means new challenges to undertake while seeking the ever-elusive Victory Royale, and new challenges mean a new Battle Star is hiding somewhere on the map, waiting to be uncovered.

Players are free to take on the next slate of missions, this time based around the theme of “Summer Slurp.” As usual, there are seven challenges, with one unlocking every day throughout the week Luckily, Fortnite players don’t have to complete all of them to find out the location of the secret Battle Star. Completing only three will get the job done. Do that and a new loading screen will appear hinting at where the Battle Star can be found.

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But whereas Week 6’s screen just showed where its Star was, this week’s requires a little more work to spot its clue. Hidden in the background of the pool party depicted in the screen is a spray-painted image of a taco. That might not clarify much, but it points to the fact that Greasy Grove was just brought back to Fortnite after a couple of seasons buried under ice.

The new version of Greasy Grove now boasts a taco theme, complete with tacos lying on the ground for players to eat and a taco-rain that periodically forces players to do the Taco Time emote. At the heart of the area is a taco restaurant standing in place of Durr Burger, and that’s where players are going to want to head to. Once they’ve completed the requisite number of Summer Slurp challenges, they’ll be able to find the Battle Star inside the northeast corner of the restaurant, in a nook between two booths.

fortnite greasy grove taco restaurant

Players shouldn’t have a hard time finding Greasy Grove, since it’s in the large patch of green now dotting the map’s snow-covered southwest corner. Given its inclusion among the growing number of returning Fortnite locations, that’s almost all the hint attentive players need to know where the Battle Star is hiding.

As with previous weeks, Week 7’s challenges and its Battle Star will only be available until the new week begins, so players have until Thursday, September 19 at 6:00 AM PT to collect it.

Fortnite is free-to-play on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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