Fortnite: Where to Find the Season 8 Week 1 Hidden Battle Star

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Fortnite Season 8 is finally live, making significant changes to the battle royale map and giving players some brand new challenges to conquer. And just like past seasons, completing all of the challenges in any given week will give Fortnite players the opportunity to find a hidden battle star that will advance them an entire tier in their battle pass.

The Season 8 Week 1 challenges are sure to take some time, especially as players get acquainted with the changes that have been made to the battle royale map. The biggest changes include the addition of Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Step, which are two new named locations that can be visited by players. There's also a massive volcano that players can land at that typically has a throne and some treasure chests hidden inside.

As for the challenges Fortnite players will need to complete in Season 8 Week 1, there are a few that may give them trouble, though some are self-explanatory. For example, players have to find hidden pirate camps that are dotted around the map, and they also have to find giant faces in the desert, jungle, and snow.

At any rate, after completing all of the Season 8 Week 1 challenges in Fortnite, players then have the opportunity to find the hidden battle star. The hidden battle star can be found at Lazy Lagoon, which is the area with the pirate ship floating in the water. The small town near the pirate ship has a tall tower in it, and the battle star will spawn right at the top of that tower.

fortnite lazy lagoon map

For those that prefer a video guide, we recommend this one by HarryNinetyFour:

It's traditional for Fortnite challenges to alternate between hidden battle stars one week and hidden banners the next week. Assuming Epic Games sticks to this pattern, fans should be able to expect a hidden banner to find after completing all of the Season 8 Week 2 challenges, but it's also possible that things will be a bit different this time around. Fans will just have to wait and see what Week 2 has in store.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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