Fortnite Vaults Some of Its Most Popular Weapons

fortnite proximity grenade launcher

Fortnite's Vault is beckoning once more for several popular Fortnite weapons. As of the latest update, three of Fortnite's most popular weapons have been Vaulted.

Three of Fortnite's weapons are now locked comfortably in the Vault. Both the Combat Shotgun and the Drum Shotgun, two Season 9 additions, have been Vaulted. Epic continues to hunt for a Shotgun that fills a necessary role but isn't too strong. It appears the Combat and Drum Shotguns weren't up to expectations. The third Vaulted weapon is the Proximity Launcher. This grenade launcher was difficult to find due to only being available as either an Epic or a Legendary. It also wasn't particularly strong.

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Added to the game is the Suppressed Assault Rifle, which had been Vaulted at the start of Season 9 after being around for four seasons. Why it was Vaulted and why its been  brought back isn't clear, but some players are excited to have it back due to its accuracy potential. The only other weapon being changed is the Automatic Sniper. Epic's buffed the sniper rifle more than 20%, so players should find it a great alternative long-range weapon now.

Retail Row was another of Epic's focuses for this patch. Retail Row has changed dramatically in Season 10, morphing back to its classic form instead of the futuristic Mega Mall. Unfortunately, the time jump brought with it hordes of Husks. To make Retail Row worth looting despite the extra threat, Epic had buffed the loot in the area. It's now saying that the loot might be a bit too good. Now there will be less Obelisk loot spots, slower respawn of Obelisks, and less Rocket Launcher and Jump Pad spawns at Obelisks.

Fortnite continues to go through dramatic changes week-to-week in Season 10. The BRUTE mechs get a lot of attention, but Epic's making huge changes to the Fortnite map and elsewhere, too. The goal appears to be constantly offering interesting new elements to Fortnite so that the season doesn't get boring over time. Fans appear to be mixed over the change in direction. Many players like for a full season to have stability and consistency. Others are enjoying the chaos. But only Epic knows if these changes are best for the longterm health of Fortnite.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo  Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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