Fortnite Valentines Day Event, Dark Love Ranger Skin Leak

fortnite valentine's day event skins

Another week leads to another big leak regarding upcoming content for the massively popular game, Fortnite. Dataminers and others have had a field day with this title, commonly leaking new Battle Royale content such as modes, character skins, weapons, and events like last weekend's Marshmello concert at Pleasant Park. With Valentine's Day approaching, it appears that dataminers have once again uncovered more upcoming content and challenges based on this holiday.

Valentine's Day has traditionally been well represented in Fortnite over the years and 2019 looks to continue that trend. Over on Reddit, new files have been discovered and posted detailing something known as Dark Cupid challenges. Actual challenge information isn't known, but there appears to be a set of daily challenges that can be completed along with new cosmetic items like the Dark Ranger Skin. For those who remember last year's Valentine's Day event, the Dark Ranger is the inverse of last year's Love Ranger skin. It still has the stone cupid look, though the new skin now has glowing purple eyes and lines running throughout it.

fortnite dark ranger skin concept

The files themselves were located in a folder called ChallengeBundleSchedule, which also houses assets for Tomatohead and Skull Trooper. This information leads many to believe that the skin itself will need to be purchased for those who don't already have the Love Ranger skin from last year. Either way, Valentine's Day arrives next week so it shouldn't be too much longer until Epic Games officially reveals the latest Fortnite event details.

The latest update finally arrived in the game, and as many expected, a leaked weapon from earlier in the week was included. Bottle Rockets are the latest weapon added to the Battle Royale experience, giving players a very easy way to destroy structures quickly. Unlike most weapons, Bottle Rockets first need to be placed on the ground by the player, which allows the rockets to fire in a continuous arc at a specific location. This also enables the player to continue moving around, not having to control or watch the rockets take down its target.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

Source: Reddit

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