Fortnite’s v3.5 patch notes dropped today promising a variety of new features and game modes. A host of new weapons, four new cyberpunk-themed heroes and new special item ‘port-a-fort’, which allows players to fortify themselves instantaneously, all make their collective in-game debuts.

Port-a-fort will be an epic level item drop and actually comes with quite a specific set of features. It will drop in stacks of one, although it will be possible to stack five in your inventory, and when thrown will instantly construct a three-storey metal fort for the player to cower behind.

The return of the hectic, and much loved, 50v50 Battle Royale game mode has also been announced, although without a specific release date, and perhaps most excitingly the announcement that a new replay feature will allow players to record their best highlights. There is also a teaser for, as yet unspecified, phenomenal prizes in the future, something which is sure to excite the games loyal fan base.

Specifically the replay feature will allow players to save entire matches and watch them back from a variety of camera angles. It will also be possible to alter the speed of clips, add player outlines and name plates in addition to cinematic camera settings to make your replays as unique as possible.

Fortnite’s huge infamy in the wake of celebrity endorsements from Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott, as well as a Twitch stream featuring Drake, have secured its position as the most popular game to watch and stream, so it is no wonder Epic Games keeps releasing new content and features to increase the games longevity and to keep players interested.

As with any patch there also a huge number of optimisations and bug fixes, most notably the promise of significant reductions in console load times, around 25 seconds on the Xbox One and 10 seconds on the PS4. There is also a fix in place for a significant glitch which stopped Fortnite players from editing their structures, and multiple supply drop fixes including a fix for a problem which, in rare cases, stopped players from opening them altogether.

Fortnite continues to go from strength to strength and its immense popularity is certain to motivate Epic to continue supplying new features and fixes for a long time to come.