Fortnite Update 5.10: What's New?

fly explosives LTM

Fortnite's v5.10 Content Update is live, and the patch notes show quite a few changes that are worth being aware of. For starters, the Guided Missile Launcher has finally made its return, and there's also a new LTM that will see players fly around the map raining down explosives on their enemies.

The Guided Missile Launcher caused a lot of controversy when it was introduced to the game a few months ago. The player-controlled rockets allowed for some crazy stunts like the solo rocket ride, but many complained that the weapon was overpowered and frequently dominated end-game encounters.

Fortnite players concerned about the return of the overpowered Guided Missile Launcher can rest assured that Epic have done plenty to balance the weapon. Both player damage and structure damage have been significantly reduced for the rockets, as has their maximum flight time. Reload time has also been slightly increased, while the movement speed of the missiles has been slightly decreased.


A brand new LTM has been added to the game, called Fly Explosives. The game mode, as its name implies, consists only of explosive weapons and Jetpacks, which will no-doubt make for some extremely chaotic gameplay. It's worth clarifying that the Jetpack is only returning for this specific LTM and is not being reintroduced into Fortnite's regular modes.

The Guided Missile Launcher and Fly Explosives are the big additions of the update, but there are some additional minor changes that are interesting. Two vaulted items, the Crossbow and the Jetpack, are now available in Playground. This might be a sign that Playground will feature other old items in the future, which is a good way of allowing players to still have fun with them without over-saturating the weapon pool in regular modes.

Finally, Slurp Juices have been reintroduced into the game after Epic made some tweaks and fixed a bug which allowed players to re-use them for unlimited health and shield.

Overall, it's an interesting array of changes for Fortnite. The Fly Explosives LTM will provide some novel, destructive fun for a while, but the true game-changer is the return of the Guided Missile Launcher. The multiple nerfs it has received look sufficient on paper, but time will tell whether the weapon proves balanced and fun enough to become a permanent inclusion.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile.


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