Fortnite: Where to Find Unicorn Floaties

Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer challenge is live, and players are busy scouring the map for hidden items to earn some sweet cosmetic rewards. Players have danced at beach parties and tracked down giant beach balls to make progress toward the Smoothie back bling at the end of the event. Today's challenge involves searching for three unicorn floats scattered throughout the map, and thankfully there are several of them floating in various bodies of water, so players have options when approaching the challenge.

To complete this challenge, players simply need to track down the unicorn floats and search them, as they would a loot llama or chest, for it to count toward the challenge. Several of these floats can be found around the map in Fortnite, which should make it easy for players to snag them as they play the game. One can be found north of Loot Late, another in Lazy Lagoon, one in the bodies of water northeast of Lazy Lagoon, another at the Lonely Lodge, and another one at the northern edge of Dusty Divot. If players are looking to get it done quickly, there are three in a pretty short walk from each other. Players should start at the southern end of Fatal Fields for the first one, then walk directly east from there for the second, and then head up to Paradise Palms to snag the third.

If players are out searching for the Fortbyte 11 location then, perhaps, they should snag the one near Lonely Lodge, as they will be in that general area. There are enough floats around the map that players should have no problem tracking them down, so long as they are sticking to the right half of the island. Once players complete this challenge, they will be rewarded with a new wrap that is neon and pink, fitting for the summer event as a whole.

fortnite days of summer unicorn float map

Alongside the 14 Days of Summer event, players are also busy scouring the map for Fortbytes. There are a bit trickier to complete than the Summer challenges, and sometimes require cooperation from either a squad or some randoms. Players who happened to stumble upon the Fortbyte 53 location quickly found that they needed another player to unlock this specific Fortbyte. Regardless, both the race for Fortbytes and the Days of Summer are still going on, so there is plenty for players to work on in Fortnite right now.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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