Fortnite Search the Tiny Rubber Ducky Challenge Location Guide

fortnite rubber ducky

The day 13 challenge in Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer event is asking players to "search the tiny rubber ducky hidden in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen." The Summertime Splashdown loading screen is earned by having completed Fortnite's day 8 challenge during the 14 Days of Summer, and it features a character, with the new Summer Drift skin, throwing water balloons on a beach. Finding the tiny rubber ducky will reward players with a Sparkles Music Pack, a rarity in the battle royale game.

Summertime Splashdown Loading Screen

To clear up any confusion, an earlier leak said that the 14 Days of Summer challenge for day 13 would be related to searching for a seashell. However, the real challenge is to find the tiny rubber ducky. As such, the seashells in the Summertime Splashdown loading screen are not important, but the surfboards on the left side of the loading screen are, as they show the set of coordinates that Fortnite players are looking for.

The coordinates are H-9, I-9, H-10, and I-10. That's four different blocks on the Fortnite map grid, and the location of interest is at the very center of those four blocks. These blocks can be found at the southern edge of the island, to the west of the desert biome's river outlet.

fortnite summertime splashdown loading screen

Tiny Rubber Ducky in a Bathtub

At the corner of H-9, I-9, H-10, and I-10 is a patch of grass and trees, just south of a river and its beach, and the exact place that Fortnite challenge-seekers are looking for is at the northwest corner of this green patch. There will be a pile of rubble there with both an empty bathtub atop it and a chair nearby. The tiny rubber ducky will be inside of this empty bathtub, waiting to be clicked. After clicking the tiny rubber ducky, the challenge will be completed.

One Rubber Ducky Per Match

The day 13 challenge comes with one added layer of difficulty that may result in some Fortnite players failing to complete it: only one tiny rubber ducky can be claimed per Fortnite Battle Royale match. That means that only the first player to click on the tiny rubber ducky in a match will receive credit for the challenge, and players that visit the location after the Ducky has been clicked may instead find an empty bathtub.

Don't give up if the bathtub ends up being empty on the first, second, or third try, though. Completing the challenge can be done with a fast drop into the Ducky's location, but that may take some practice as well as some luck. In the case where a player comes across an empty bathtub, they can simply get eliminated, start a new match, and try again.

fortnite tiny rubber ducky map

In addition to the new day 13 challenge stemming from Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer, Epic has also released some other fun things for players. For example, the Storm Chasers: Surfin' LTM has been made available for day 13, which is an appropriate LTM to fit with the surfboards tied to today's challenge hint. Team Rumble also remains available, and the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle has been reintroduced from the Vault for 24 hours.

Only one day of Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer remains, meaning players who have been completing challenges every day are soon to reap their rewards. Enjoy the event while it lasts.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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