The Fortnite Season 5 Week 6 challenges have gone live today, allowing players to complete objectives to earn Battle Stars. While most of the challenges are straightforward, clearly instructing players on what to do, one particular challenge has stumped players.

One of the challenges is called Complete Timed Trials, tasking Fortnite players to complete five time trials in order to receive a Battle Stars reward. However, there has been some misinformation going around. The trial doesn’t involve the race track as some had believed, and instead involves collecting a series of icons after a time trial is activated.

Fortnite timed trials locations

There are five time trial locations across the game’s map, as highlighted by pink rings in the screenshot above. At each of these locations, Fortnite players will find a timer icon which can be activated. Once activated, players will have to run through a series of additional icons in a set amount of time. Run through all of the icons in the timeframe and the trial will have been completed successfully. Complete all five trials successful to complete the Battle Pass challenge.

One of the time trials can be seen in the Twitter video embedded above, and as the video highlights, the best strategy for getting the trial done is to build in order to reach the timer icons before attempting to run through them. While it may be technically possible to build as one goes, doing so could cut the time too short, meaning that players will have attempt the trial all over again. It’s better to build and then attempt it so that players can focus on accurate jumps instead of speedy building while the trial is taking place.

As far as Fortnite challenges go, this week’s objectives have required a little extra brainpower from players. While the headshot damage, Tilted Tower kills, and chest searching challenges are fairly pedestrian, ones such as time trials and the where the Stone Heads are looking challenge are bonafide puzzles.

Fortnite developer Epic Games does have a history of making things a bit more difficult for players. It has gotten players scratching their heads with the strange ARG game it used to introduced season five, as well as the in-game superhero warnings that introduced season four. So while some of the challenges aren’t so easy to understand or complete, many will be relishing the additional difficulty and effort required to complete them.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. An Android beta is also currently taking place.