New Evidence Uncovered for Fortnite Tilted Towers Nuke Theory

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While Fortnite continues to dominate in both popularity and sales for Epic Games, many within the community have started to speculate about the future of the game. Even though there's still plenty of time left within Battle Royale season 3, a mysterious comet has appeared within the game, with many predicting an imminent collision with the popular location Tilted Towers. Epic remains mum on the subject for now, though a new conspiracy has appeared on Reddit leaving many convinced that the riddle has been solved.

In a new post on Reddit, aleccc15 reveals a theory a friend came up with, essentially solving the riddle currently taking Fortnite Battle Royale by storm. The major portion of the theory involves the country of Poland and how its cities line up nicely with the actual in-game map. Warsaw is regarded as a great city to shop in, so naturally, it lines up with Retail Row. Haunted Hills lines up with a town in northern Poland that was abandoned during World War II and became a graveyard for those lost during the war. Tilted Towers is lined up with a town called Poznan, a place that also had an asteroid strike it nearby. Based on that information and other clues developed by the community, the theory states that the cataclysmic event will likely take place on April 18, aligned with the Lyrids Meteor shower.


Even though the post appeared on April 1, aka April Fools' Day, many have accepted this theory as a real possibility. The post points to plenty of other topics discussing the event that helped aleccc15's friend come up with the theory in the first place. Users have discovered all sorts of clues from the initial comet Easter egg discovery to odd morse code style vibrations that console players have discovered thanks to controller rumbling. According to reports, these vibrations can come in three different patterns from light to strong, that all happen during specific times in gameplay. Players have translated the message to read 'SOS D 5 418,' which ties back to the April 18 date above.

Epic Games has previously gone on record saying that it has no plans to develop a second map similarly to its chief rival, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. However, the company has shown in the past that it's not afraid to overhaul parts of the existing map to keep the experience fresh and feeling new. The company has previously added new locations like Lucky Landing to the south, and also released a massive map update that kept the same layout but added more locations and landmarks for players to explore. Throwing a massive change of pace at a very popular spot could certainly be in the cards as it allows the experience to feel new, while also changes the current meta.

Fortnite is available now in early access on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.

Source: Reddit

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