Fortnite Theory Claims a Meteorite Crash is Coming


Since the launch of Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, the Tilted Towers spot on the map has been a hot button issue in the community. The tall buildings are a popular place to land and, in many people's opinion, not a very fun place to play. The debate has been raging for weeks and some fans think that Epic has come to the decision to annihilate the terrible towers. Literally.

A few different Fortnite players and Reddit users, including Tactical_Peperoni, General Erica and Niccorazi, have some pretty compelling evidence that a meteor is currently streaming through the skies on its way to an impact site right at the Tilted Towers.

The theory started with a few different users confirming sightings of a blue, pulsing object moving through the skyline. The witnesses claim that the object seems to be on a direct course for the location of the towers (seen in the featured image above. Some naysayers were quick to point out that this wouldn't be accurate color for a meteor heading for impact, but this is Fortnite, so it seems safe to assume the usual rules of science might not apply. That may sound like a stretch on its own, but there have been some other hints that make the theory a lot more credible.


The game's current Battle Pass is space themed and there have been some pretty clear hints about an explosion coming towards the end of the pass tiers. Most obviously, there are nuke emoticons and flame strips in the second to last tier suggesting some incoming disasters. The Reddit theorists believe that the towers will be blown away on the last day of the season and replaced by something sci-fi themed. Maybe there will even be some alien visitors!

Although the evidence does seem to be piling up, this is definitely still in the realm of theory until we hear something official from the game's dev team. The theory is believable, but it's also colored by an extreme desire to get rid of the Tilter Towers section of the map. Hopefully an overhaul of some type is in the works and we'll find out soon either way.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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