It isn’t uncommon for online petitions to circulate the web, especially within the video game community. Whether it be pleading for a particular remaster of a classic game or bringing a popular Japanese video game over West, sites like are cluttered with petitions from gamers rallying to claim virtual signatures for causes that will likely never happen.

Today, a new feature was added in the latest patch for Fortnite that proves that not all online petitions are completely useless, however. Following the popular “Thank the bus driver” meme, Fortnite now allows players to do just that before jumping out of the battle bus.

Earlier this summer, the petition launched on from Fortnite player Kody Keddie. The petition pleaded for the ability to thank the bus driver as Keddie claims he felt that “something was missing” when jumping out of the battle bus. Even though the petition has since been taken down from, the online petition raised enough awareness for Epic Games to take the sentiment into consideration and actually add it into the game.

Fortnite Thank The Bus Driver

Even though thanking the battle bus driver really serves no purpose, it is a neat little nod to players and shows that Epic Games indeed listens to the Fortnite community. Simply pushing down on the D-pad before jumping out of the battle bus will show your username letting people know that your avatar “has thanked the bus driver,” adding a bittersweet moment of courtesy to the game before players enter a battle to the death. Of course, other features went live today with the 5.3 patch such as a new Score Royale mode as well as the new Rift-To-Go item.

Thanking the bus driver probably wasn’t the most sought out feature in the latest patch for the game, but it is neat to see a petition actually have a minor impact on the game. Even though the addition might seem pretty trivial, the fact that Epic Games chose to include it within the latest patch is pretty entertaining to say the least and will likely be appreciated by fans of the running meme.

Fortnite is currently available in early access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and with an Android beta currently taking place.

Source: Kotaku