Fortnite Taco Time Dance Nerfed in Latest Update

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Season 10 in Fortnite has led to some very interesting events. The season started with a frozen comet hovering above the Fortnite battle royale map. Its most recent change has turned Tilted Town, which had already been changed from Neo Tilted to Batman's Gotham. Perhaps the oddest change Epic has made to Fortnite in Season 10, however, is the mysterious raining tacos of Greasy Grove. These tacos and the dance they inspire are the targets of one of Epic's latest Fortnite balance changes.

The balance change has to do with what players have dubbed "Taco Time." The Greasy Grove added in Season 10 isn't like the Greasy Grove that players might remember from before the ice came. Instead of a Durr Burger, there's a Taco place. And for some incredible reason, this Taco place routinely kicks off a brief Taco Time event. During Taco Time, all players within the Rift Field will begin to dance uncontrollably. This dance effect cancels revives, prevents players from shooting, and makes all players invincible.

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Taco Time is a fun idea that mixes up the gameplay in Greasy Grove in an interesting way. However, Taco Time is a somewhat controversial subject with many Fortnite players due to its length. Players are fine with the dance emote and invulnerability for a brief amount of time, just long enough to shake up the gameplay. But Taco Time is lasting a bit too long and so is making players frustrated having to wait for it to stop.

That's how Taco Time worked up until Fortnite's latest update, at least. Epic Games heard the criticism of Taco Time loud and clear. Going forward, the duration of the Taco Time dance will last half as long as it did prior. This should enable players to enjoy the mechanic without having it slow down gameplay so much that it's detrimental. It's a net benefit for everyone, other than folk who drop in Greasy Grove purely to do the Taco Time dance.

Season 10 of Fortnite continues to be one of the most eventful seasons yet in the battle royale. Greasy Grove and the taco shop may not even last another month. Who knows what will happen with the start of Season 11. Yet even if it's planning to erase Greasy Groven next week, Epic Games is doing its part to keep the game as fun and balanced as it sees fit. Hopefully the taco shop sticks around, though, joining the legacy of Durr Burger and the other fast food outlets.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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