Sony Stock Drops After Fortnite PS4, Switch Account Controversy

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With E3 2018 said and done, the major publishers have left gamers with all kinds content to look forward to in the near future. One of the popular reveals came courtesy of Nintendo, who after months of rumors and speculation announced that not only would popular battle-royale title Fortnite be coming to the Switch, but that it would be available that day. Fans were understandably excited to jump into a game on the Switch but not everything was as easy as it seemed.

While many fans were able to jump onto their Switch consoles, log in to their Epic Games account, and continue where they left off, those attempting to play on a PS4 linked account weren't so lucky. When trying to log in with their Nintendo devices, PS4 players were met by an error message telling them they had to start a new account. Naturally, this left many fans upset and disappointed, as this meant that they would be unable to access various skins and emotes they had collected (or bought) since playing.

What has followed has been a fairly justified backlash towards Sony which we have now learned extends to the company's stock.  CNBC is reporting that, since news of the Fornite account locks broke, Sony stock-market shares have fallen 2 percent.

It's easy to see why Sony would experience such a fall in stock so quickly. The online backlash to the account locking has only gotten worse since news got out and Sony, for their part, haven't exactly handled the situation well, releasing a statement that can only be described as tone-deaf. "We’re always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience." the statement reads before continuing on to highlight the number of PS4 Fornite players, as well as cross-platform play with IOS, Android and PC. And if there was any hope that things might change, Sony's statement closed by saying, "We have nothing further to add beyond this at this point."

All of this only adds to the negative press Sony has received due to such issues as of late. The tech giant has a long history of denying cross-play and cooperation with other consoles whereas Nintendo and Xbox have seen success with the feature in games like Minecraft or Rocket League. Yet, Sony refuses to embrace crossplay.

Fortnite is available now in early access on Nintendo Switch, iOS PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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