With Fortnite finally available to fans after years of waiting, Epic Games is now forging ahead with its post-launch plans. The game’s first major post-launch patch is the Survive The Storm update which introduces new weapons and new “threats.”

Epic Games has also confirmed that the Survive The Storm content drop will introduce a new game mode to Fortnite. Called Survival Mode, this new way to play the looting, building and zombie shooting title is described as a hard, Iron Man-like game mode and it will be released on August 29.

The storm is rolling in to Stormwood, Plankerton and the other Fortnite regions, and they create “modifiers” for enemies. These “unique” properties include making the enemies “enraged” and causing them to deal more damage, or they may explode or they may even have more health. Players will also get some properties too, such as making certain classes more effective or offering changes to different weapon classes. Epic Games will be experimenting with these properties.

Epic Games also reveals that the mode can last between three to 14 game days and the rewards players receive will depend on how much time they spend in the mode. Players will also get extra rewards for making use of those class and character-affecting properties. Given that earned loot is key to evolving heroes and weapons there are some real benefits for making full use of Survival Mode.

Curiously, the company also teases some other new content, but says that it will hold off on detailing this until next week. The new content could potentially go a long way towards addressing the issues that people have with the game as some argue that Epic Games has not yet done enough for Fortnite to live up to fans’ expectations. Grinding is one particular problem area for fans, and so any new content that switches things up a bit will surely be welcomed with open arms.

With the game now having over one million players across PC and consoles, people will continue to demand more from Fortnite and will also offer more useful feedback for Epic Games to act on. Epic is still working to get the game in order ahead of the free to play launch next year and fans can probably expect lots more updates and new content drops beyond the Survive The Storm update.

Fortnite is available now in early access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game’s full free-to-play release is scheduled for 2018.