10 Epic Fortnite Streamers Who Can Improve Your Game

Streaming is becoming a popular medium because live footage is more appealing than downloading videos of your favorite players. In the streamosphere, there is a ton of drama that keeps streams fascinating. An exchange of disparaging words on Twitter, combined with conflicting views on the state of games, can fuel stream wars.

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If you're looking to improve your game or have some fun, watching Fortnite streamers is recommended. Their commentary can be inspiring and downright motivational at times. You may not be a real Fortnite player if you haven't watched these streamers. The following streamers are some of the best we've seen in Fortnite—and gaming. These are 10 epic Fortnite streamers to improve your game. Enjoy!

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10 TimTheTatman

timthetatman twitch streamer

Not only is he a talented player, but TimTheTatman likes to have fun with his viewers by showcasing the latest Fortnite additions such as skins and creative maps. Fortnite 'Creative' is a mode that enables players to create custom maps and share them with friends.

You'll sometimes see TimTheTatman playing this mode when he's on a cold streak or wants to take a break. Undoubtedly, players can elevate their game by watching this experienced Fortnite streamer whose dedication surpasses that of the average Fortnite player.

9 Myth

He is a regular streamer who makes an appearance for his show every few days. When he's not playing Fornite, he is jamming out to tunes with his viewers. Myth is one of the most popular Fortnite streamers—and for good reason! He trains tirelessly as a full-time Fortnite gamer and streamer.

His masterful Fortnite play, combined with his humorous banter, makes his channel a must-see. You can't miss the YouTube video where Ninja and Myth played duos on Fortnite; it gained over 14 million views!

8 Mongraal

In addition to playing Fortnite, Mongraal sometimes participates in Apex Legends matches. Mongraal is age 14, and he is well-known in the Fortnite community for his savage play. His level of aggressiveness is unlike most other players.

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As part of the FaZe Clan, he is based out of the United Kingdom, and his content can be found across the web on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter. His level of play is astounding for someone his age. Keep up the great work, Mongraal.


According to, " FaZe Clan content creator and Twitch personality Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff has signed a multi-year deal to stream exclusively on Twitch." Every streaming platform wants to have NICKMERCS on their roster, yet he has decided to stick with Twitch because of his fanbase on the platform.

Interestingly enough, NICKMERCS is one of the few top Fortnite streamers who use a controller when playing Fortnite. He also uses a controller in Fortnite competitions. He does, however, play the game on a PC monitor for quicker response time.

6 Tfue

Recently, Tfue sent out a tweet criticizing the current state of Fortnite. He didn't like the Gotham City update, whereas streamers like Ninja enjoy the latest update. According to, "In general, Ninja has seemed to enjoy streaming a lot more since his move to Mixer, despite whatever viewership losses he’s taken."

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Whether you agree with his opinion or not, Tfue is one of the most popular and talented Fortnite streamers on the planet. With over 7 million followers on Twitch, he is someone you need to check out!

5 dakotaz

With over 4 million followers on Twitch, there are a plethora of reasons to tune into the channel of dakotaz. Twitch user dakotaz has a real name like all streamers.

His name is Brett Hoffman, and you can see some of his top Fortnite clips by clicking the link here. He doesn't usually turn his webcam on when he is streaming, but his gameplay speaks for itself. Tune into dakotaz, and there a significant chance you'll improve your Fortnite game. He's a regular streamer, so it's not hard to find him live in the streamosphere.

4 SypherPK

In one video, SypherPK played against NICKMERCS in a game of Fortnite Battle Royale. The top Fortnite streamers love the opportunity to play with each other because it is a way for them to build their fanbase and improve their Fortnite skillset. If you have already seen SypherPK's Twitch channel, or are in the mood for something else, try out his YouTube channel.

SypherPK has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 200 million views across his various videos. He is a popular streamer whose fanbase continues to grow at a rapid rate.

3 mrfreshasian 

fortnite last stop loading screen

The Twitch user known as mrfreshasian is one of the few successful Twitch streamers who doesn't reveal their face while streaming. The reason why mrfreshasian is such as popular streamer is because of his boisterous commentary and expert gameplay.

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People tune in to watch mrfreshasian for his talents and not for what he looks like. Streamer mrfreshasian has over 1.3 million followers on the Twitch platform. He is a professional streamer who has been spotted at various Fortnite competitions.

2 NickEh30

Recently, it was a big win for Twitch since they acquired NickEh30 in September. According to, "he’s known for more than just his Fortnite skills.

His manners and family-friendly content are what he’s built his foundation on, along with funny moments, and unbelievable tricks on the world’s most popular video game." He is one of the most successful Fortnite players, and you can watch him on Twitch now. You'll be sure to pick up a few tips to elevate your game to the next level.

1 Ninja

He needs no introduction as he is one of gaming's most recognizable figures. Synonymous with Fortnite, Ninja is one of the world's best players. He recently made a switch from the Twitch streaming platform to Mixer. Mixer is owned by Microsoft, and it's a place that Ninja believes he and his wife, Jessica Blevins, will be happier.

Ninja was recently given an early access copy of Gears 5 from Microsoft. He was the first person to play the game, and he live-streamed it. Whether you are someone who prefers Mixer or Twitch, we can't doubt that Ninja is a spectacular Fortnite player.

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