Fortnite: How to Complete Storm Racer Mission Challenges

Fortnite Racer Mission Challenges Course

While some Fortnite players have been busy remaking the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer with the Naruto running emote, most have been filling their time with all the new Season X challenges. One of the most challenging of these has been the Storm Racer Challenges that came out a few days ago. This mission has 14 different parts that require a lot of legwork from the players. Here's a quick guide to help get those challenges finished a reap those sweet rewards.

Challenge 1: Gain Health in the Storm

As straightforward as this sounds, gaining life in the Storm can be a little challenging; it's harder than most of the Meteoric Rise Challenges put together. First players will need to gather some bigger healing items like a Slurp Juice, a Chug Splash, or even better a Chug Jug. Once the Storm stops moving, that will be the safest time to jump inside, hit the heals, then jump back out before players find themselves in trouble.

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Challenge 2: Complete a Lap of the Race Track

The racetracks are on three different locations on the map. Here's a map to help players find their way around:

Fortnite Racer Mission Lap locations

Any of the three locations will do for this challenge. There will be vehicles in each location; all a player has to do is swipe a ride, then complete a single lap around the track. That's another challenge in the bag!

Challenge 3: Survive 10 Storm Phases

Any player that plays more than a few rounds of Fortnite  should complete this challenge without any help; just survive ten storm phases in any amount of matches and this one can be checked off of the list.

Challenge 4: Visit the Center of a Storm Circle

Lucky for players, the center of the Storm circle is marked in purple on the map every time a Storm threatens to shrink the map. Finding the center should be easy peasey, so make sure to get this one checked off early and collect that loot.

Challenge 5: Land on Polar Peak, a Volcano, and a Circle of Trees

Players will have to land in each of these three locations in three different matches; it's an easy way to earn some Season X Battle Stars. The Polar Peak is marked on the map and the Volcano is incredibly hard to miss, but the circle of trees is a little hard to find if players don't know right where it is. Here's a handy map with each location marked:

Landing locations fortnite racer mission

Challenge 6: Complete a Time Trial

If players really dislike Driftboarding, they are not going to love this trial. There are two possible locations to do a time trial; one is east of Pleasant Park (which players can stop by on the way to the Rift Beacon at the Block) and the other is southwest of Salty Springs.

Players only have to do this once, thankfully, because the time trial can be a little bit difficult. Hopefully no Fortnite players will take out their frustrations by hurting their dogs.

First, players will need to look for the blue timer icon in one of the locations listed above. Once a players touches the timer, the time trial will start, so be ready. Thankfully, time trials can be repeated as often as it takes to win. Once this trial is finally finished, look at some funny Fortnite memes to relax after a job well done.

Challenge 7: Dance at Different Telescopes

Players will need to dance at 3 different telescope locations for this challenge, giving players a great excuse to bust out the Taco Time dance. The first is in Shifty Shafts, the second Dusty Depot, and the third is Moisty Palms. Here's a map of what those locations are:

Racer Mission Challenges telescope locations

Once the first seven challenges are complete, players will unlock the Prestige Challenges, which are listed below.

Prestige Challenge 8: Damage an Opponent in the Storm

This challenge is pretty self-explanatory; players will have to do 500 damage to other players who are hanging out (or running through) the Storm.

Prestige Challenge 9: Damage Gliding Opponents

Another pretty easy one; find someone who is gliding through the air on a glider and shoot them.

Prestige Challenge 10: Deal Damage to Opponents After the First Circle Closes

Shoot another player after the first circle closes, and this challenge will be in the bag. Celebrate with a little Naruto running!

Prestige Challenge 11: Visit the Center of the Storm 3 Times in One Match

Visiting the center of the storm three times in one match can be incredibly difficult. This challenge may take some time. A great way to start is to land near the center of the map. The earlier in the match a player works to finish this challenge, the better off they will be. Keep in mind that the exact center of the Storm Circle will be marked on the map with a purple mark.

Prestige Challenge 12: Deal Fall Damage to an Opponent

Dealing falling damage to an opponent might sound difficult, but it's no where near as hard as it sounds. Here's a quick video that will walk players through it. The good stuff starts at about 1:00. This streamer is not one of the top 10 most popular streamers from Mixer or anywhere else, but he's got the goods.

Prestige Challenge 13: Complete a (Different) Time Trial

Another time trial! The two possible locations for this trial are north of Lucky Landing and east of Snobby Shores (near where the Snobby Shores treasure map was). Lucky for players, the Snobby Shores time trial starts in just about the same location as the circle of trees landing for Challenge 5. Look for the blue marker to start the trial.

If players decide to head to Lucky Landing instead, they'll have to find the building with the spinning dumpling on top. The trial will be located on the top floor of that building. Take a driftboard off the wall and get started.

Prestige Challenge 14: Dance at Three Telescopes in One Match

Much like Challenge number 7, players will have to revisit those telescope locations once more and dance again, but this time all in one match. Those locations again were Shifty Shafts, Dusty Depot, and old-but-new updated map Moisty Shores. The image of the map is under Challenge 7.

The Rewards

Fortnite: How to Complete Storm Racer Mission Challenges

So what do players get for all that work? Here's the list of loot they'll grab after completing each challenge:

After completing 1 challenge: 110 Battle StarsAfter completing 2 challenges: 10 Battle StarsAfter completing 3 challenges: 10 Battle StarsAfter completing 4 challenges: 5,000 XPAfter completing 5 challenges: 10 Battle StarsAfter completing 6 challenges: 10 Battle StarsAfter completing 7 challenges: Game Plan Back BlingAfter completing 8 challenges: 1,000 XPAfter completing 9 challenges: 1,000 XPAfter completing 10 challenges: 1,000 XPAfter completing 11 challenges: Pixel Blast SprayAfter completing 12 challenges: 1,000 XPAfter completing 13 challenges: 1,000 XPAfter completing 14 challenges: Cerulean Eternal Voyager Outfit

Fortnite Season X challenges are available now for all systems.

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