Fortnite Squad Kill Record Beaten Again

Fortnite squad kills record beaten console

In the first year of Fortnite competitive play alone, the studio is going to give out $100 million worth of prize money. But despite there being a ton of cash on the line for those who show off their Fortnite skills on the main stage, some players are more than happy competing for community records instead.

The latest record to be broken within the Fortnite community is the kill record for squads. A squad made up of Australian players - Fortitude_Fqrbes, Nexjs, tactjc- and TTV_NadeXC - managed to rack up 61 kills in total during a recent match, recording the impressive, record-breaking feat for all to see. Be warned: the language in the video is not suitable for some viewers.

Unsurprisingly, the squad starts out their record-breaking adventure at Tilted Towers. The location is often a popular place for players to land, even though there are no challenges set in the location this week. This got the players off to a flying start. The first kill in the video comes at just 54 seconds in, though this is followed up by three more quick kills as Fortitude_Fqrbes decimates an entire squad like it's nothing. By the game's end Fortitude_Fqrbes got the lion's share of the kills, taking out 25 players, Nexjs took out 18, tactj- eliminated 10 people and TTV_NadeXC got a respectable eight kills.

Many will no doubt be quick to note that this kill record was secured on PS4. The previously held record on PC and console was 59 kills, so while the overall record has been beaten, some will argue that bragging rights are still up for grabs on PC. Either way, this is a fantastic feat for the players and one that they are evidently delighted about (if the shouts at the end of the video are to be believed). 61 kills is not a small number and it's a testament to their skill at playing the game.

But with that said, many are already wondering how long it will take for this record to be broken. Fortnite has more than 125 million players around the world, many of whom will fancy their chances at beating this newly beaten record. So watch this space because the competition is well and truly on.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS. A beta is currently taking place on Android.

Source: YouTube - Fqrbes

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