Fortnite: Where to Spray A Fountain, Junkyard Crane, and Vending Machine

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We've entered week 2 of Fortnite Season 10, and while the last set of objectives merely asked players to visit certain locations, this new mission will require that players be a bit more involved. This week's mission is Spray and Pray, tasking Fortnite players to leave their mark at specific spots on the map by spraying them. So break out those spray cans and be on the lookout for a fountain, junkyard crane, and a vending machine.

Don't worry about seeking them out alone. We have information on the precise locations of the first two. The vending machine, however, is a tad more difficult. They spawn in different places on the map, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly where to find one.

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First, let's find the fountain. Players can find one over at Mega Mall. Head smack-dab into the middle of Mega Mall, where a fountain can be easily spotted in an open courtyard. It's in front of the Pizza Pit and a chest often spawns on top of it. Just give it a spray and complete task. There is also another fountain in the parking lot on the south side of Mega Mall if that one is easier.

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Junkyard Crane

Where is the best place to find a junkyard crane? Junkyard Junction, of course. Players will find this point interest in the northwest corner of the map. Once there, head to the west side of the area where a large crane is visibly towering overhead. Spray it and move on to the next location.

season x fortnite spray and pray junkyard crane epic games

Vending Machine

This is where things get slightly more complicated. If players are lucky, there will be a couple of vending machines right there in Junkyard Junction. If not, they will need to search the map at one of the many spawn locations. Just refer to the handy dandy map below to find a vending machine to spray.

fortnite season x vending machine locations epic games

Pouring over the map, it's easy to notice a few changes since the last season. Season X introduced Rift Zones, which will continue to alter the map over the course of the season. The first major map change came earlier this week when Neo Tilted became Tilted Town, a new western-themed zone. In addition to the Old West look, there are also special conditions for players within the zone. They cannot build or harvest materials while in Tilted Town, forcing players to strategize a bit differently when battling others.

The next map change may affect the desert biome where Paradise Palms currently resides. According to a filename dug up by a dataminer, a new POI called "Moisty Palms" could be introduced soon. As this used to be the location of Moisty Mire before it was changed in Season 5, many believe it will be a mashup of the two zones. Once the change is initiated, expect the location of Moisty Palms to be in the same general area, on the lower east side of the map.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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