Fortnite Adds Spooky References to IT's Pennywise

it chapter 2 red balloon poster

Fortnite's constantly doing in-game crossover events, but the latest example in the battle royale is unique compared to past entries. It seems that the wildly popular battle royale game is ramping up a crossover with IT, which focuses on a murderous clown and a small country town. Befitting the horror film, the crossover itself is quite spooky. Fortnite players should stay watchful for Pennywise the clown's infamous red balloons, hovering above street grates.

In all seriousness, there doesn't appear to be any legitimate danger associated with this IT crossover, as seen by the short video below. A Fortnite player approaches one of the aforementioned red balloons over a street grate in what appears to be Pleasant Park. After popping the balloon with their pick, confetti splashes out and a nefarious laugh can be heard. It sounds exactly like Pennywise laughing from inside the sewer.

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While the crossover is all but obvious at this point, technically Epic Games has yet to officially confirm the partnership. IT Chapter 2 releases in theaters on September 6, so Fortnite is likely doing some cross-media marketing for the film. The fact that IT Chapter 2 is a rated-R film isn't too controversial an issue, as Fortnite has previously advertised rated-R films like John Wick.

The bigger question is whether or not the red balloons and the surprising silence from Epic Games are indicative of more IT crossover material to come. Maybe it'll be Pennywise making an appearance in Fortnite, or more likely,  the game could add a clown skin or something else suitably spooky from the movie. No one should expect Fortnite to do anything scarier than the red balloon and the street grating, but it can definitely have some more fun with scary clowns.

For those unfamiliar with IT, it's a film adaptation of a popular horror novel from Stephen King. In the film, a dark presence within a town feeds, quite literally, off of the fear of children. In one of the story's most iconic scenes, a young boy is tricked into coming a bit too close to a stormwater grate where Pennywise the clown is lurking. Red balloons appear in several other sequences, marking the clown's presence nearby. As for the laugh, well, it's haunting enough on its own.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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