Fortnite Solar Array Locations for Jungle, Snow, and Desert

fortnite week 9 challenge solar array

It’s week 9 in Fortnite, which means that a new set of challenges are available to complete. Additionally, a new Fortnite crossover with Stranger Things has begun, with skins themed after the popular Netflix series and a bunch of upside-down portals appearing all over the Battle Royale map.

While most of the Fortnite Season 9 Week 9 challenges are fairly straightforward, there is one that may be giving players trouble. In order to complete all of the challenges, players will need to visit solar arrays in the snow, desert, and jungle areas of the Fortnite map.

Unlike some of the landmarks that players are tasked with visiting in Fortnite, solar arrays can actually be seen on the map. They are a series of solar panels arranged in a small grid, usually independent of any building or town. Unfortunately, visiting a solar array in the snow, desert, and jungle in Fortnite will likely take three matches since the locations are spread across three corners of the map.

Solar Array in the Snow

solar array in the snow fortnite

The solar array in the snow is in the bottom left corner of the Fortnite map in the Frosty Flights region. If you zoom in on the map you will see a set of 6 solar panels to the West of the red buildings of Frosty Flights. Those are the solar arrays in the snow.

Solar Array in the Desert

solar array in the desert fortnite

The solar array in the desert is in the bottom right of the Fortnite map, just outside of Paradise Palms. Again, look for a grid of solar panels on a raised bit of land, only this time it’s to the East of the main city.

Solar Array in the Jungle

solar array in the jungle fortnite

Finally, the solar array in the jungle is in the right corner of the map, but is not as close to a major Fortnite landmark. The best point of reference is that the solar array in the jungle is due North of Pressure Plant and to the East of the small bodies of water.

Once players visit all three of the solar array locations in Fortnite, they will complete another week 9 challenge for Season 9 and be that much closer to completing the Battle Pass. With only a couple weeks left until Fortnite Season 10 begins, there isn’t much time to get caught up on all of the challenges, but thankfully this week’s set is fairly easy.

Fortnite is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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