Although Fortnite is not known for having an overwhelming number of bugs, a few do crop up here and there that need addressing. One of the latest is an SMG bug that is forcing players to reload multiple times before being able to fire the weapon again. Epic has since acknowledged the bug and promises that a fix will release with the next update, patch 3.6, which should go live in the next week or so.

Word of the SMG reload bug spread through the weekly reporting thread, where Fortnite players are encouraged to list any issues they come across. One player claimed that they had encountered a problem where an SMG needed to be reloaded twice before it would fire again, and several other players noted experiencing the same issue.

We’re aware of that issue and have a fix set to go out in v3.6 for that. Thanks!

Epic replied to the thread saying that the developers are aware of the issue and a fix is forthcoming. In fact, the SMG reload bug should be a thing of the past later this week, assuming that update 3.6 hits on schedule.

fortnite player firing smg

While SMGs are not at the top of the food chain when it comes to popular Fortnite weapons, they are still a weapon class that most players will find themselves using. Early on, an SMG can help combat a player that found a shotgun early, allowing for quick movements and rapid fire damage. However, that situation only works if the player can reload faster than the shotgun user can fire.

SMGs have also risen in popularity thanks to Fortnite’s controversial weapon swapping change, which has added an equip time to high burst damage weapons like shotguns and sniper rifles. The change made it so players can’t quickly switch from building to these weapons, or between these weapon types, for quick, skilled actions. As a result, some players have chosen to adopt a new strategy of using a shotgun and an SMG for an initial burst of damage and then a fast-firing option to finish the opponent off.

The community might be divided over this latest change, but at the very least Epic is still quick to fix bugs when they appear in-game. As long as players can offer evidence of bugs, Epic should work to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Fortnite Subreddit