As Fortnite continues to grow in popularity, players seem to want more and more customizations as time goes along. But while most of the cosmetics in the game are available to everyone, there are some that will be exclusive to Founders (those that purchased the Early Access version of Save the World).

A Tweet from Fortnite Intel states that new skins have been confirmed for Founders and will be announced during Ninja’s stream. Ninja, who just held a stream with Drake and Travis Scott, seems to be taking the Fortnite world by storm, even breaking records in the process.

These new customizations come as no surprise, however, as players have been asking for updates and additions to the Founder’s Pack for quite some time. In some leaked cosmetics code from the v3.2.0 update, some savvy users were able to see the names of some of the additions, which now match up with the confirmed cosmetics release.

To get the Founder’s Pack, all players will have to do is purchase Fortnite (note: Battle Royale is free but Save the World is currently paid early access). Once players do so, they will be sent an email stating that they have unlocked the Founder’s Pack. In the initial pack before this new update, players were gifted the Founder’s Glider and Founder’s Umbrella, as seen below.

Players will still receive the two original items after obtaining the Founder’s Pack, as well as the four new items. The previous two items were not as exciting, but the new additions to the Founder’s Pack are a bit rarer, coming in as ‘Legendary’ items. The update to the Pack itself shows a Rose Team Leader and Warpaint outfits; as well as the Skirmish and Pursuit “back bling.”

With these new cosmetics, Epic Games is further expanding the lengthy list of cosmetics already ingame-. Completely calculated out, every cosmetic in Fortnite would cost players around $1,070, which is a lot of V-bucks. However, these cosmetics are completely optional and purchasing them is not pivotal to enjoying the game.

Epic Games shows no signs of stopping the train that is Fortnite, as updates are constantly rolled out and players continue to enjoy the game. Over 40 million people are reportedly playing Fortnite and this could cause some unrest for other gaming companies, as Fortnite seems to be taking over everything it possibly can from television segments to professional athlete’s shoes. Maybe with all the updates being added to the game, players might even see some crossover between the real world and the game. For now, players will just have to stick to all the new content Epic has planned..

Fortnite is available now in early access on iOS devices, PC, PS4, and Xbox One with Android support coming soon.