Fortnite Shadow Stones Removed Again


Shadow Stones, one of the new consumables added in Fortnite Season 6 have had a bit of a problem since their release, with an unspecified bug cropping up just hours after being introduced to the game. It seems that initial bug wasn't the only one, as Epic Games has now removed Shadow Stones from the game for a second time.

Shadow Stones, the new power-up for Fortnite, have been added to the game, removed, returned, and now pulled yet again since their release with the rest of the game's new content for Season 6. After a few hours of fine-tuning, Epic announced the return of the stones, only to pull them again within eight hours of their return. Epic Games didn't itself explain what went wrong with the Shadow Stones, only stating that they would be temporarily disabled until an 'issue' with the Shadow Stones could be resolved.

Shadow Stones are only supposed to provide a temporary effect, providing the player with temporary invisibility, improved movement speed, and the ability to phase through objects. However, players have reported that using the Shadow Stones prior to jumping on a launch pad would cause the permanent invisibility, which is clearly an unfair advantage over other players. Sadly, the repeated removals of the Shadow Stones to fix these exploits means that some players have yet to even see them in-game.

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The release of Fortnite's Season 6 hasn't been entirely smooth. In addition to the Shadow Stones coming and going repeatedly, the developer also removed the Port-a-Fortress shortly after its introduction to the game. Unlike the Shadow Stones, Epic Games hasn't yet made an attempt to restore it to the game since it was pulled. Even so, there's been plenty to keep players occupied outside of these two troubled items, as the newest season brought with it new items, pets, and skins to unlock.

It's unfortunate that a considerable problem like this made it into the game, especially considering that Season 6 was delayed. With any luck, Epic will bring back the Shadow Stones quickly while also successfully squashing all of the bugs so that this doesn't happen for a third time.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. An Android beta is currently taking place.

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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