10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Fortnite

Fortnite has gone through many changes since its release, from the introduction of new weapons to brand new locations on the map. With how quick paced the game can get, the map and the world we drop into might get familiar a bit too fast. The good news is, however, there's always something new to learn and implement in our gameplay. That's why we've gathered ten tricks and random things you can do in Fortnite, that most likely you've never discovered or heard about.

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10 You Can Minimize Bloom

A lot of the weapons in Fortnite have a pretty large bloom, which essentially means that the bullets will be spread out when shot rather than landing exactly on the crosshair. This is incredibly annoying when trying to shoot targets from afar, but luckily there's a trick to make it a bit more consistent. If you repeatedly press crouch and strafe back and forth while shooting, you will more consistently be able to hit your shots and minimize bloom. This takes a bit to get used to, but once you do, you won't want to go back!

9 You Can Shoot Through Doors

Box fights are a core part of Fortnite. When your opponent has shut themselves into a box, just one hit away from death, it's vital you know exactly what to do to get them. Or, alternatively, what to do to get out of the box if you're the one trapped. There's a secret trick that allows you to shoot through the cracks of a wooden door, if you aim properly. This works with most projectiles, but you need to be extra careful when aiming through. It's a great way to get a few shots into your opponent and surprise them.

8 You Can Climb Up Vertically

Shadow Bombs are great for concealing yourself, that much is true, but they also give you incredible mobility. If for some reason you need to get up a vertical surface to a high mountain or up a hill, you can actually keep jumping almost infinitely up a steep wall until you reach your destination. This would come in handy if you're in a pinch and need to get out of a sticky situation as fast as possible, or maybe you want to avoid getting stuck in the storm.

7 You Can Jump Using Fire Hydrants

You've probably seen these red fire hydrants all around the map in various locations and never thought much of them. The truth is they're much more useful than you'd imagine, especially if they happen to be close enough to a house.

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If you shoot the fire hydrant, a powerful stream of water will come out. You can jump on top of it and it will bounce you up into the air, allowing you to reach higher locations. Sure, it's not as powerful as a jump pad, but it's a great little trick you could even use to confuse your opponent.

6 You Can Land Before Anyone Else

Knowing when and where to drop is so important to a good round in Fortnite. A bad drop could spell disaster for you, if you find no loot or get outplayed by people faster than you. The trick to always landing first is to try and land to the edge of the island and to dive towards the sea so that you can engage your glider at the last possible moment. Unfortunately, many of the best locations on the map are not by the edge itself, but it's still worth giving a shot if you keep getting killed right off the bat with no weapons.

5 You Can Minimize Fall Damage

While other players are the biggest threat in Fortnite, not being aware of your surroundings is another major way that could cost you a game. Walking into traps is one thing, but taking unnecessary fall damage when going down a hill is another thing completely. To avoid wasting your precious resources, next time you find yourself falling down a steep hill, turn to face the wall and run towards it to reduce the damage you take. This could potentially save your life, too.

4 You Can See Through Walls

To get that sweet victory royale you need to know where your opponent is, but without compromising your safety. Once you've built a wall, you can see through it if you switch into the edit mode. This is essentially free wallhacks and should be taken advantage of as much as possible, especially if you find yourself in a box fight or you're keeping an eye on an enemy from further away. The edit mode also allows you to clear any of the tiles on the wall, giving you sight of all possible angles.

3 You Can Harvest Faster

Harvesting can seem like a bit of a chore at times, especially when we're constantly running into enemies or getting chased by the storm. The good news is, there's a way to speed up your harvesting process by aiming your cursor as close to the little target that appears while you're hitting whatever object you're harvesting.

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You no longer need to jump and strafe wildly while trying to destroy a tree, just take a second to aim and a few whacks should speed up the process by a lot. You'll thank us in your next build battle for the materials!

2 You Can Use Grenades To Save Yourself

Impulse grenades can seem somewhat useless at first, but they offer an interesting range of mobility tricks that can make or break a fight for you. Chucking one close to a friend or yourself can propel you out of a sticky situation or from the storm, essentially saving your life. If you're fighting a boxed enemy, you can even use it to propel yourself straight into their box through the wall and take them by complete surprise. They won't know what's coming to them, but make sure to use this grenade two to three tiles away from the enemy's box.

1 You Can Get Loot Before Others

With how cutthroat Fortnite is, it can sometimes feel like you're the one missing out on cool loot while everyone else is getting lucky. Where we land has a lot to do with that, and while landing on the edge is one way to start, another trick is to land to the front of the house and start looting it from the bottom rather than from the attic. Most houses will have two floors, and you'll cover that ground faster since you only need to open doors and not spend time destroying the roof of the house with your harvester. You'll immediately have an edge over your enemies.

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