How to Complete Fortnite's Secret Sorana Skin Challenges

Fortnite secret sorana skin

Most Fortnite seasons in the past have included a secret skin that players can unlock by completing a set of challenges in the game. The Scientist skin in Fortnite Season 10 was one of these secret unlockables, and now Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is also providing fans an opportunity to collect a secret skin called the Sorana skin. Players who’ve completed one of the Alter Ego challenges and managed to collect all the hidden letters to form “FORTNITE” can use the secret Sorana skin in the game.

However, the skin does not come with any extra styles, and those who want the extra styles and items will have to explore the map to get their hands on these items. In addition to the secret styles for the Sorana skin, players can also find legendary back bling and pickaxe that go with the skin. The back bling is called Ready Ruck, and the pickaxe is known as Party Crashers, and both of these items can be found with the help of Chaos Rising loading screen, which can be unlocked by completing the Dive challenges.

How To Find Sorana Back Bling in Fortnite

In the loading screen, the coordinates for the Sorana back bling are G7/G8-H7/H8, and following these coordinates will take players to the North of Steamy Stacks where the back bling is available right next to a rock on the beach. The back bling will only show up if players are wearing the Sorana outfit.

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How To Find Sorana Pickaxe in Fortnite

Chaos Rising Loading Screen

The coordinates for the pickaxe are G1/G2-H1/H2, which leads the players to the top of the snowy mountain South of Retail Row. This is where players will find the set of pickaxes called the Party Crashers.

How To Unlock Secret Styles for Sorana Skin

The Sorana skin has two different secret styles that players can unlock by visiting specific locations. The two skin styles include a Green style and a Grey style, both of which can be unlocked by interacting with a hay bale and a dumpster. The Chaos Rising loading screen clearly shows a dumpster, and a haybale in the bottom-left screen, which means all players have to do is jump in and hide in a hay bale and a dumpster to unlock the secret styles. The best way to do so is head over to Frenzy Farm or east of Dirty Docks because both the hay and a dumpster are available at these locations, making it easier to unlock both styles at the same time. Those who found all the other hidden letters will still need to find the final letter “E” in order to unlock the Sorana skin first before hunting for the extra styles.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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