Fortnite Season 9 Teaser Revealed

fortnite season 9 teaser revealed

Season 8 of Fortnite has been a wild ride, with exciting moments, controversies, and the onset of the Fortnite World Cup. But all good things must come to an end. The last day of Season 8 is May 8, with Season 9 starting May 9 immediately afterward. With just a matter of days left until Epic Games kicks off the new Fortnite season, it stands to reason that teasers would start being shared.

Introducing the first teaser for Fortnite's upcoming Season 9. As per tradition, the teaser is very simple. Released in a message on Twitter is an image accompanied by a short text blurb, "The Future is Unknown." The skin itself is for the male Fortnite model, an armored, futuristic skin with a robot mask and horns. There's also a garbled message on the skin's chest, written in an unfamiliar language. Finally, overlaid on the image is the letter "N" in a stylized font.

Speculation regarding what the image and message are teasing is running rampant. With two days left, some are saying the letter "N" will grow into "NOW" to create a new "The Future is Now" message. The idea being that Season 9 will be a very futuristic-themed season. Others are noting the mask on the new skin having a Japanese-feeling mask. With such a light teaser, there's very little to base an idea on.

There's no denying that something big is bound to happen to lead into Fortnite's Season 9, however. Season 8 introduced a major volcano. Season 7 added a frozen corner to the battle royale map. Epic Games won't let Season 9 start without something comparable.

Fortnite's battle royale map has already gone through several changes in recent days, with Season 9's start on the horizon. The vault under Loot Lake opened over this past weekend, allowing players to visit the meta Vault where retired Fortnite items were kept and unleashing the drum gun. Then, after being launched into the air after the volcano erupted, Tilted Towers was completely destroyed. For now, the future of Fortnite is unknown. But by May 9 all will be shared.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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