Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass: Here Are All the Skins and Styles

fortnite season 9 battle pass

Fortnite season 9 is officially underway, with the new Battle Pass introducing new skins, new emotes, new pets, Fortbytes, and more. Like previous seasons, to complete the Battle Pass and unlock the tier 100 skin, players will want to complete weekly challenges such as finding the 7 Sky Platforms as well frequently facing off with others in the battle royale title.

Season 9 has a futuristic theme with its additions of the Neo Tilted and Mega Mall locations, and this theme is also seen in the new Fortnite skins. By unlocking the Battle Pass with 950 V-Bucks, players will get immediate access to the first style of the tier 1 Rox and Sentinel Skins, with each of them being upgraded via different methods. The tier 100 skin is named Vendetta this time around, and while his full role in the season has yet to be established, it appears to be on the same level as Ice King and others.

Here is every Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass skin and style, how they're unlocked, and when they're unlocked.

Tier 1 Starter Skin - Rox

Stage 2: Earn 10,000 XP

fortnite season 9 starter skin rox

Stage 3: Earn 50,000 XP

fortnite season 9 battle pass rox

Stage 4: Earn 100,000 XP

fortnite rox futuristic

Final Stage:

fortnite season 9 rox full style

Alternative colors:

  • Red and Blue- Complete 15 weekly challenges
  • Purple - Complete 30 weekly challenges
  • Red and Orange - Collect 5 Fortbytes
  • Orange - Collect 15 Fortbytes
  • Red and Green - Collect 25 Fortbytes
  • Black and Blue - Collect 35 Fortbytes

Tier 1 Starter Skin - Sentinel

fortnite season 9 sentinel

Dark Sentinel: Get to Tier 99 on the Battle Pass

fortnite dark sentinel skin

Tier 23 - Bunker Jonesy

fortnite season 9 skin bunker jonesy

Tier 57 - Vega

fortnite vega

Stage 2: Outlast 2,000 Opponents

fortnite season 9 vega

Stage 3: Outlast 6,000 Opponents

fortnite season 9 vega final style

Tier 71 - Stratus

fortnite season 9 tier 71 stratus

Tier 87 - Demi

fortnite season 9 demi skin

Tier 100 Final Skin - Vendetta

fortnite vendetta

Stage 2: Earn 20,000 XP

fortnite vendetta stage 2

Stage 3: Earn 75,000 XP

fortnite vendetta stage 3

Stage 4: Earn 150,000 XP

fortnite vendetta suit up set

Final Stage: Earn 250,000 XP

fortnite vendetta final stage

Alternative colors:

  • Orange/Black Mask - Complete 45 Weekly Challenges
  • Bronze Suit - Complete 65 Weekly Challenges
  • Blue Mask - Outlast 1,000 Opponents
  • Black Suit - Outlast 10,000 Opponents
  • Green Mask - Unlock 80 Fortbytes
  • Silver Suit - Unlock 85 Fortbytes

While Fortnite players have an extensive list of new skins to try out and unlock throughout the season, there are a number of missing weapons and items that have been vaulted for season 9. Among others, this Fortnite vaulted list includes the Pump Shotgun and Balloons, so players dropping on the season 9 Battle Island may want to be ready for a forever-changed landscape.

Fortnite is out now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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