It’s Thursday, which means that a new set of challenges are available as part of Fortnite‘s Season 5. Like past weeks, Season 5 Week 4 includes three free challenges that are available to everyone, along with four Battle Pass-exclusive challenges that can only be completed by those who have shelled out the V-Bucks necessary to buy the pass.

Build Structures – 0/250


This is an easy challenge that all Fortnite players should be able to complete without too much trouble. It simply requires players to build various structures in their matches, which they should be doing anyway as structures can be used to reach new areas as well as create cover against enemy fire.

Anyone that wants to farm this challenge should try to land somewhere on the map that’s out of the trajectory of the Battle Bus, as less people are likely to land there. Upon landing, use the pickaxe to collect materials and then use those materials to build various structures in the game world.

Jump Through Flaming Hoops – 0/5

fortnite week 4 season 5 map

This challenge is a bit more challenging as it requires players to visit specific parts of the map, and then ride shopping carts or ATKs (golf carts) through flaming hoops. This challenge will likely require players to play multiple games to hit all five flaming hoops they need, but keep in mind that there are more than five flaming hoops on the map. The best bet would be to try to land in the northern part of the map as that seems to have the most flaming hoops next to each other than anywhere else.

Eliminate Opponents in Dusty Divot – 0/3 (HARD)


While this challenge to eliminate opponents in Dusty Divot doesn’t need explanation, we do have a tip to make it a bit easier to get kills in the area. Anyone struggling may want to try out the Fly Explosives mode, as it seems easier to rack up kills in that LTM than it is in the standard battle royale mode.

Deal Damage with Sniper Rifle to Opponents – 0/500

fortnite sniper

This is another straightforward challenge that doesn’t really need an explanation. Players don’t have to actually kill any opponents with sniper rifles to complete this one, so it should be quite a bit easier than the Week 2 challenge of getting sniper rifle kills. Plus, anyone who has yet to complete that previous challenge can now knock out two birds with one stone, so it should make going for that challenge a little less frustrating.

Search Chests in Flush Factory – 0/7

Fortnite Best Loot Visual Guide - Chest

As with previous weeks, Week 4 tasks players with visiting a specific part of the map and looting chests. This week’s area of choice is none other than Flush Factory, which was the subject of a recent treasure hunt. Expect a lot of Fortnite players to land at Flush Factory exclusively for the next few days, as tons of people are going to try to complete their Battle Passes.

Search Between a Gas Station, Soccer Pitch, and Stunt Mountain – 0/1 (HARD)

fortnite season 5 week 4 challenge map hidden battle star

Week 4’s obligatory hidden battle star (not to be confused with the hidden battle star players can find after they complete four weeks worth of challenges and unlock the fourth Road Trips loading screen) isn’t too tough to find. Simply travel south from Pleasant Park and between it and the gas station is a white tree. Check the base of the tree to find the battle star, but be warned that this place is a high-traffic area right now.

Pistol Eliminations – 0/3 (HARD)

fortnite dual wield pistols update

The final Battle Pass challenge is another no-brainer, but will still be pretty tough to complete. Pistols are not really the best weapons in the game, and taking a pistol into a fight against someone who is better-equipped probably won’t end well. That being said, one way to complete this challenge a little easier is by using pistols on downed opponents instead of trying to whittle away all their health with one. This method will require players stick to Duos, Squads, or other modes besides Solo, though, so keep that in mind.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.