Fortnite: How to Complete Season 5 Week 10’s Challenges


It won't be long now before Fortnite Battle Royale officially enters Season 6, but there's still several days left to go before the next cycle of content makes its way into the wildly successful multiplayer sandbox survival shooter. Now, in order to close out Season 5, Epic Games has added Week 10's challenges to the free-to-play title. So, for those who may need help completing them, follow along in order to earn some more XP.

As usual, there are seven challenges in all, with there being three Free Challenges and four Battle Pass Challenges for Fortnite players to take on. Some ought to be a bit more daunting than others–collecting all of the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces might be trying to some, for instance–but with persistence and a simple will to give each a fair shot, then all of the challenges should be finished in no time.

Free Challenges

Search for Jigsaw Puzzles in Basements (0/7) 5 Battle Stars


Some Fortnite fans may know a few basement locations already, but it's unclear at the moment whether or not puzzle pieces can be located in each and every basement or just a few, so just to be sure, we've compiled a list of spots on the map that are known to contain puzzle pieces. Our list consists of 10 in all, which is more than enough to complete the challenge.

  • A5: North of Snobby Shores
  • A6: South of Snobby Shores
  • B7: Slightly North of Greasy Grove
  • C7: Southeast of Greasy Grove
  • D7: Northwest of Shifty Shafts
  • F6: North of Salty Springs
  • G3: Southwest of Risky Reels
  • H2: Northwest of Risky Reels
  • I2: Northeast of Risky Reels
  • J6: Southeast of Lonely Lodge

Consume Apples or Mushrooms (0/20) 5 Battle Stars


In order to complete this challenge, Fortnite players will need to search in shaded, wooded areas for little blue mushrooms on the ground. Looking underneath these trees should also uncover little red apples.

Consuming mushrooms yields 5 points for shields, and apples offer 5 points of health. Finishing this task ought to be simple, as one can easily chip away at it while working on other challenges.

Eliminate Opponents (HARD) (0/10) 10 Battle Stars


While this challenge is labeled as "HARD", it really will be easy or difficult depending on one's combat skills. Those who have mastered shooting and building cover on the fly should conquer this task quite quickly.

Of course, taking out 10 different opponents might be a tall order for some. However, the only way to get it done is to get a weapon and test the enemy's mettle.

Battle Pass Challenges

Search Chests in Salty Springs (0/7) 5 Battle Stars


Looking through chests in a specific location might be tedious to some, but the positive side is that it helps players become more intimately acquainted with a given area. For those who want to get it over with, though, visit these spots in Salty Springs listed below and check this challenge off as done.

  • The western portion of Salty Springs has a large house that contains four possible chest spawns.
    • One is in the attic
    • One is in the bathroom that's downstairs from the ground floor
    • Two are in a secret bunker located through the hole behind two breakable boxes on the ground floor

    • One is in the attic
    • One is on the floor below the attic
    • One is located in the basement

    Deal Damage to Opponents (0/5000) 5 Battle Stars


    Much like having to eliminate opponents in another challenge, this task will be as easy or difficult as one's skills are. However, this challenge is slightly easier in that players don't have to actually kill their opponent, but just chip away their damage instead.

    Those who want to get this over with fast, though, would do well to dive into 50v50 and adopt an outsider's strategy. Stand back on the edge of one of the LTM's big battles and try to land shots with an assault rifle or perhaps even the suppressed assault rifle to stay stealthy.

    Search Between a Covered Bridge, Waterfall, and the Ninth Green (HARD) (0/1) 10 Battle Stars


    This week's "Search Between" challenge asks Fortnite players to search between a covered bridge, a waterfall, and the 9th green in Lazy Links' golf course. In between these spots, one will find Week 10's hidden Battle Star.

    Players will need to head to the G2 area of the map, and directly in the middle of the covered bridge, waterfall, and 9th green is a little patch of dirt between a small shack and a tree. That is where one will discover the hidden Battle Star.

    Stage One: Eliminate an Opponent in Pleasant Park (HARD) (0/1) 10 Battle Stars


    With certain Fortnite challenges often resulting in players diving from the Battle Bus to swarm one spot, the "Stage One" styled challenge appears to be Epic's way of staggering the droves of players from flooding a certain area. As in previous weeks, players are tasked with hunting down opponents in a series of locations, as each one becomes unlocked after completing the previous one.

    First, take out someone in Pleasant Park, and the next target should be in Wailing Woods, followed by Lucky Landing. After taking out three enemies successively, the challenge should then be complete.

    Good luck out there, Fortnite fans!

    Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with an Android beta currently underway.

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