Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges Go Live

Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges

Fortnite Season 5 has now officially begun, ushering in a brand new theme for the game and some major map changes as part of the worlds collide theme. But players aren't just excited about the new theme; they're also delighted to unlock new rewards and cosmetics as part of the game's Battle Pass. Progressing through this Battle Pass (and the non-Battle Pass tiers) relies on challenges which can be completed to rise through the ranks faster and the Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 Challenges have now gone live.

For the uninitiated, Fortnite's weekly season challenges are objectives of varying difficulty. Completing them offers Battle Stars (used to reach a new or Battle Royale Season Level or Battle Pass Tier) as well as a set reward for completing a certain amount of objectives that week.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 1 challenges list

They update every Thursday and last for a week; here are the Season 5 Week 1 challenges:

  • Deal 500 damage with SMGs to opponents (reward: 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search one Supply Llama (reward: 5 Battle Stars)
  • Three Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade Eliminations (HARD) (reward: 10 Battle Stars)
  • Search seven Chests in Snobby Shores (reward: 5 Battle Stars)
  • Search Floating Lightning Bolts (reward: 5 Battle Stars)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels (HARD) (reward: 10 Battle Stars)
  • Eliminate three opponents in Retail Row (HARD) (reward: 10 Battle Stars).

Altogether that's 50 Battle Stars (equivalent to five Battle Pass tiers) and completing any four of these challenges rewards 5,000 Season XP, making it well worth a player's time to complete them all. The cosmetics introduced in Season 5 are rather flashy, including masked warriors, characters with horns and glowing blue eyes, a camouflaged soldier, and a female Viking warrior as well as hula and backflip emotes. This only offers players a greater incentive to progress through the tiers.

Completing four challenges is relatively doable as SMGs can be found in their numbers around the map, while Supply Llamas, Chests, and Lightning Bolts aren't exactly a rarity either. So long as players keep an eye on their surroundings and take the necessary precautions while searching, they should be fine.

The HARD challenges, meanwhile, will be a lot tougher and some players may want to take this one with a squad. Not only will players be able to have each other's backs but with challenges such as following the Risky Reels treasure map, a squad can make it much safer to travel (perhaps by ATK). One player can focus on the treasure while the others watch their six. In any case, Fortnite players have one week to complete these challenges before next week's begin.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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