Fortnite Season 10's Next Rift Beacon Targets Soccer Stadium for Time Travel

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Fortnite Season 10's next Rift Zone has been leaked. Starting in the next week of Season 10, Fortnite players can expect the well-loved soccer field found west of Tilted to get be thrown through time next. A Rift Beacon, as fans are calling them, has been placed outside of the field. So far the Beacon hasn't been powered and the Beacon's power panel remains unlit, so Fortnite players still have at least a few days to play some soccer before the field's changed for (at least) Season 10.

Season 10 has so far transformed three locations via time travel. Week 1 of Season 10 began with the meteor that destroyed Dusty Depot being frozen mid-air, leaving the Depot's warehouses standing. Since then, Rift Beacons have been used in both Neo Tilted and Mega Mall to create Rift Zones over the two areas. These areas have transported the location through time. Neo Tilted has become Tilted Town, a previously unseen western-themed location. Mega Mall became Retail Row, but brought with it the town's Fiend zombies.

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Up until now, the Rift Beacons have shared a theme. The Rift Zones have been attempting to change back locations that have grown or been destroyed since the meteor originally hit the Fortnite map to start Season 4. However, the soccer field has been unchanged since prior to Season 4. Exactly why the soccer field is being targeted isn't clear, though some Fortnite fans do have theories.

One prevalent theory has to do with the Visitor, Fortnite's resident time traveler. The Visitor first appeared in Season 4, arriving from within the meteor. Season 10 began with the meteor being held mid-air prior to its crash, the Visitor's capsule within the meteor open. Fans have tracked the Visitor to Dusty Depot where he's been building the Rift Beacons and their power panels, which are shaped like his mask. Early speculation made it seem like the Visitor was using Rift Zones to change the Fortnite map back to its state prior to the meteor's arrival. It seems the full extent of the Visitor's plans aren't yet clear.

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Season 10 is certainly growing to be Epic Games' most interesting and experimental Season yet. While the initial changes as the Season began certainly weren't dramatic, beyond the introduction of the controversial BRUTE mechs, Season 10 has since evolved at a fast pace. Just weeks into the Season, major changes have been made to Dusty  Depot, Neo Tilted, and Mega Mall. And Season 10 shows no signs of slowing down in its remaining weeks. If the soccer field isn't safe, then nothing is.

Fortnite is available now in early access on  Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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