Fortnite Update Brings Back Classic Map Areas With a Twist

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Fortnite Season 10 has been a wild ride so far, and Week 7 is no different, with update 10.30 bringing some massive changes to the game. Two different areas in Fortnite have been affected by the Visitor's Rift Beacons in Week 7, as Paradise Palms and the frozen ice area north of Polar Peak are no more. Furthermore, Moisty Palms and Greasy Grove have arrived, and they have brought some unexpected oddities along with them.

Moisty Palms, as its name implies, is an amalgamation of two Fortnite map areas. These two areas are the Paradise Palms map area, which existed prior to Week 7, and Moisty Mire, a swampy region that was replaced at the start of Season 5. A big part of the Moisty Palms map is comprised of Moisty Mire's swamp, and there is also the old prison complex that many Fortnite players used to drop at. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new Moisty Palms region is that players can turn into objects, such as toilets, flower pots, BBQs, shelfs, and signs, in the area.

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With respect to Greasy Grove, this area was a fixture of the Fortnite map from Season 1 through Season 7, at which point it was frozen over by the arriving iceberg. It was then that the area lost its name, and all of the buildings and fixtures in the area were either frozen over or destroyed. Season 10 brings back an altered version of Greasy Grove, with the Durr Burger being replaced with a Taco restaurant. Additionally, tacos can begin raining from the sky in this area, healing players and forcing them to dance.

There are some other changes to Fortnite's map in Week 7 worth bringing up as well. For example, the warehouse in Dusty Depot, which the Visitor has made his home base, now has what appears to be a rocket silo being built out of it. Season 4 players will recall the drastic changes that occurred following the original rocket's launch, and who knows what might happen a second time.

The growth of the energy field around the Nexus point is also a notable change. The energy ball is struggling to power all of the regional dimensional dilations, and an explosion could be imminent.

Speculation regarding where Epic Games is going with Fortnite Season 10 grows with the changes made in Week 7. Time travel is being dismissed, and fans instead suspect that all of the changes are dimensional in nature, with each field opening to a dimension where the events of Fortnite are different, resulting in major changes. The mystery of what that means for Season 11 is heightened as a result, and a complete map overhaul is now well within the realm of possibility.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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