Fortnite Season 10 BRUTE Mechs Getting Slight Nerf

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Fortnite developer Epic Games is making its first change to the controversial BRUTE mechs. The mechs were added to the battle royale game at the start of Season 10, and a vocal portion of the game's player base has since made clear their frustrations with the weaponized vehicles. Epic offered a response earlier this week confirming that it was looking at the BRUTEs with Fortnite players' concerns in mind. To that effect, several changes are being planned for the BRUTEs in Fortnite patch v10.10.

The most prominent change to Fortnite's BRUTEs will be the addition of what Epic is calling a "Targeting Laser." The BRUTE targeting laser will show the direction a BRUTE is aiming its rockets in as the rockets are being charged. Since the BRUTE gunner already knows where they're aiming, the targeting laser is in effect a mechanism for other players to identify when they're being targeted.

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In addition to the targeting laser having a visual component, it will also have a directional audio component. In other words, players being targeted will also be able to hear that a BRUTE is aiming at them. This audio cue will even be heard by players within structures, likely to prevent deaths via surprise annihilation. It isn't clear if the sound will continue playing as the BRUTE is firing off its salvo of rockets.

Epic also confirmed that it has fixed a major exploit associated with the BRUTE mechs. While the exploit isn't explicitly described, it's likely referring the ability for a solo player to move extremely fast by swapping between gunner and driver seats while constantly pressing the boost button. The BRUTE's biggest weakness is intended to be its lack of mobility, so the exploit made it significantly stronger than it was intended to be at times.

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The vocal minority of Fortnite players who have made their frustrations with the BRUTEs clear will unlikely be happy with the extent of these changes. Epic confirmed that BRUTEs will remain within Solo, Duo, and Squad matches, as well as in competitive Arena and Tournament play. Epic's sticking with the BRUTEs even with all of the criticism. While many players will unlikely settle for anything less than the BRUTE being vaulted, Epic's new changes will hopefully persuade some that Fortnite's new mechs aren't entirely a disaster.

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Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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