One of the standout aspects of Fortnite Battle Royale is the ever-changing customization items. Since the mode’s launch last year, Epic has managed to continually create and add new items from character skins to pickaxes to emotes. Players have plenty of ways to earn the content as well, either through level progression on the seasonal battle pass or by spending V-Bucks at the in-game store, which updates with new content every couple of days. While the highly coveted Raptor skin has once again made an appearance, people have instead started focusing on a newly added emote.

All of the items offered within Fortnite come in different rarities, with orange legendary items typically being the most sought after. In this case, the Rock, Paper, Scissors emote, an uncommon green item, has been making the biggest splash in the most recent store update.

What makes this particular emote so intriguing is that it actually randomizes between rock, paper, and scissors. No doubt, players will have plenty of opportunities to make use of this while waiting around for the Battle Bus to start the match.

Since the emote has three options to pick from when it’s used, it’s entirely possible that players see the same one displayed multiple times. For Twitch streamer summit1g, the scissors emote was used three times in a row, causing him to become visibly disappointed and to start talking about how the emote was a missed opportunity.

It’s at that point that he pressed the emote option again and the paper symbol was used, and the true appeal of the emote revealed itself. Considering Epic seemingly creates and releases new cosmetic items more often than not, players shouldn’t be too surprised to see more interactive content like this in the future.

Customization options like character skins have always been a popular subject for players and while Epic has crafted some pretty cool ones like John Wick, a Black Knight, and a Dinosaur, the community continues to show just how creative they are. Considering the popularity that Marvel’s Black Panther has seen since the movie launched, a graphic designer put together an interesting concept for a Black Panther character skin. Not only that, another player created a really impressive skin concept that would evolve the character into a werewolf based on the number of kills earned during a match.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.

Source: Twitch