Fortnite Update Brings Back Retail Row, Makes Other Changes

fortnite retail row returns

It looks like another blue light special awaits Battle Royale players in Fortnite, as the Retail Row has made its return with the game’s latest update. Epic Games provided some notes with Fortnite’s v10.10 patch, with the returning mega mall leading the charge.

Those interested in doing battle in Retail Row can do so, but be on the lookout. There are plenty of Fiends about, and they’re out to get a few bargains for themselves. So players should make sure they've got their weapon at the ready to deal with them, because everything must go.

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Keep in mind that eliminating Fiends within the Retail Row does come with advantages. This includes picking up weapons, consumables and ammunition once they’re taken out. Players should keep in mind that they can’t go outside of the Retail Row Rift Zone, so they should plan attacks carefully.

In addition, the World Run Limited Time Mode is also making its debut with the update. In this mode, players must contend with traps, lava pits and more as they attempt to become the fastest lane runner. Up to 16 players can compete at one time, and the first one to pick up 30 coins wins.

fortnite retail row fiends

There are also a number of weapon updates. This includes increased chances of the B.R.U.T.E.s respawning across each of the storms (ranging from 21.5 percent at the beginning of the match all the way down to 3 percent by Storm 5). The Infinity Blade will also have reduced environmental damage, going down from 10000 to 600.

The full list of updates is available on the official page. But players may want to make note of the following bug fixes:

  • The Week 1 and Week 2 Hidden Battle Stars can now be collected.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Bush would reset its displayed equip timer if the player tried to activate it multiple times. (Players would still be able to equip the Bush at the intended time, but the displayed timer would be incorrect.)
  • Fixed an issue in which Supply Drop smoke would not appear if the box was not in sight.
  • Trees no longer turn into different kinds of trees upon being damaged.
  •  This includes snow-covered trees no longer turning into non-snow-covered trees.
  • Fixed an issue in which Chests would sometimes already be broken or opened at the start of a match.
  • The “Welcome to Tilted Town” message no longer loops when players enter/exit Titled Town. It also no longer overlaps Storm warnings.
  • Walking over in-motion Bottle/Fancy Flip Toys no longer causes a camera issue.

The Fortnite update is available for download now.

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