Epic Games, the developer behind titles like Unreal, Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex, and Gears of War, has dished up details on its newest release: Fortnite. Today, the company has announced that the third-person action building game will release for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One through paid Early Access beginning on July 25. Fortnite pre-orders and pre-registers have already kicked off, so gamers hoping to take the title for a spin can secure themselves a copy now.

In addition to confirming a concrete release date, Epic Games released a gameplay trailer for Fortnite, which features a cool-toned cyberpunk visual palette, hordes of massive monsters, and dangerous lightning storms. The clip also centers on the protagonists’ secret weapons against their undead foes: expansive forts (hence the game’s title), deadly explosives, and mounds of loot.

Fortnite follows the aforementioned heroes as they venture through the vast and diverse in-game world, which is teeming with valuables to scavenge. No two landscapes are the same, and players can collect tools and weapons to build forts or battle their ghastly enemies from a multitude of sources. From steely buildings to deserted streets, loot can be found virtually anywhere. Perhaps Fortnite will follow in the footsteps of games like Destiny and The Division and have a few loot caves tucked inside.

fortnite epic games fort building

Fort building is at the heart of Fortnite, and the game’s construction interface is highly customizable. Players are given a slew of editing options and can craft their structures using a variety of different materials, though some are clearly more durable than others.

Similarly, Fortnite fans can make fantastic use of the scraps they pull to whip up hundreds of weapons, from melee to heavy arms, set up traps, and go all Inspector Gadget and build new devices to fight off the monsters. This all sounds a lot like Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s promised crafting system and melee weapons, but hopefully Fornite fares far better than the BioWare title upon its official release.

With a unique blend of intricate building, epic battles, defense, and exploration, Fortnite is the culmination of years of hard work. Creative Director on Fortnite Darren Sugg said of the experience, “Bringing Fortnite to life has been a true labor of love by a talented and dedicated team over many years. We’re excited to share the experience and start playing along with more gamers in Early Access this summer.”

fortnite epic games

Fortnite hopefuls can get their hands on the title with four different Founder’s Packs: Standard, which runs for $39.99 USD, Deluxe ($59.99 USD), Super Deluxe ($89.99), and Limited Edition ($149.99). These provide players entrance into the Early Access Season, allow them to take part in exclusive in-game events throughout 2017, and offer a deep discount on items like heroes, loot, boosts, and weapons.

Those who pre-order a Fortnite Founder’s Pack can jump into the game four days early, beginning on July 21. Additionally, they’ll receive the exclusive Storm Master Weapon Pack. Fortnite will also be available in a boxed retail version for PS4 and Xbone One, thanks to Epic Games’ collaboration with Gearbox Publishing.

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Though players will have to wait nearly two months for Fortnite, there’s more from Epic Games coming soon. The developer is set to appear at E3 2017, which starts in just a few days, as hosts for the the Unreal E3 Awards, a ceremony honoring the game devs that utilize the Unreal Engine to the best of their abilities. Epic Games will also hold an Unreal Engine E3 meetup during the conference on Wednesday, June 14.

Fortnite will be available for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 25.