Fortnite Season 5 includes a number of new Battle Pass outfits, but the two legendary skins introduced this season are known as Drift and Ragnarok. One dedicated fan took it upon themselves to create a Ragnarok Lights concept, thereby giving the latter legendary skin a few more hues. The new Ragnarok skin may very well be one of the more popular skins revealed so far this season, but if it were to receive red, purple, and green hues, its popularity could continue to skyrocket.

This prompted a moderator of the Fortnite subreddit to ask how a player would go about unlocking the different colors. Numerous commenters suggested everything from kills and hard challenges like those related to John Wick or as the Lights concept creator, Sergeant-Jonesy suggested, a different set of challenges for each color so players have to choose which they want. It’s worth mentioning, however, that while Sergeant-Jonesy changed the hues, the original artist is known as Mizuri.

One benefit of this season, if the Ragnarok skin were to receive these alternative colors (as seen below), is that there’s no time limit for grinds in season 5, as numerous players fell short of the required experience for last season’s lights. Nevertheless, check out Sergeant-Jonesy’s Ragnarok Lights concept based on Mizuri’s custom image:

fortnite ragnarok blue red green purple

Other players also noted how interesting it would be for the legendary skin Drift to also receive some new alternative lights, but of course, it would be up to Epic Games which skin received alternative colors if either of these skins did this season. Considering Season 5 with its numerous map changes has just begun, the developer has plenty of time to consider the desires of its fan base.

After all, Epic has a bit of a reputation for listening to its players, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see this concept introduced into the battle royale game. Nevertheless, for now, players may need to settle for the upcoming Tactics Showdown limited-time mode, which was recently pulled from a datamine, as season 5 moves forward.

Fortnite is available now for Nintendo Switch, iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit, Instagram – Mizuri