Fortnite R Location: Where to Find the Hidden R from the Week 3 Loading Screen

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It seems like just yesterday that Fortnite was sucked into a black hole. Now, the game is in week 3 of Chapter 2, which brings a series of new challenges to an entirely new island. One of the newest challenges tasks players with finding a hidden 'R', and we're here to point players in the right direction.

Currently, Fortnite is offering players a series of Forged in Slurp challenges. These include elinating opponents, marking items, as well as the standard "dance at this location" quests. Any player who has completed eight of these challenges will unlock a new loading screen that features the Slurp Factory. As always, the screen provides a hint to the location of a hidden item, in this case the 'R' players will need to find.

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Finding the hidden 'R'

Once the eight challenges are complete and the new loading screen is unlocked, the location should be somewhat obvious. But just in case it isn't clear, here are some directions. First, players will want to navigate to Slurpy Swamp, which is located in the southwest portion of the new map. From there, locate the drain that can be seen in the loading screen. It will be found between the A and the M in "Swamp" on the area's name. The 'R' will be in the grass under the drain.

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Along with a new island, there are new features in Fortnite that weren't there before the black hole incident. One of them is the ability to fish, allowing players to catch everything from fish to rare weapons. After getting the hang of using a fishing rod, players can attempt to catch the legendary Mythic Goldfish. It is associated with a few challenges, two of which include eliminating a player by throwing the Goldfish at them and being eliminated by one.

Another new addition that players aren't quite sure was purposely added is a way to avoid fall damage in Fortnite. Notice that there are large green bushes littering the map. If players land on any of these bushes from any height, they can avoid fall damage. If it turns out this was an unintentional feature, expect Epic Games to remove it in the future.

Fortnite is available to play now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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