Just about every action players take in Fortnite consumes resources that are mined from the game world. However, not all materials can be scavenged, and in fact, one of the game’s most important items, Pure Drops of Rain, can’t be looted at all. On the contrary, there are only ways players can obtain this valuable resource in Fortnite.

The main way players will earn Pure Drops of Rain, which are primarily used to evolve heroes in Fortnite, is by completing quests. Players will sometimes earn Pure Drops of Rain as a bonus reward when completing quests, and there are also a number of side missions that have Pure Drops of Rain as a guaranteed reward. Focusing on completing these quests will be the fastest way players can earn Pure Drops of Rain in Epic’s co-op sandbox game, but there’s a second method as well.

Using the Collection Book

The second way players can earn Pure Drops of Rain in Fortnite is by adding items to their collection book, though it’s not available right from the start of the game. Instead players need to unlock the collection book by spending skill points, and then continue to use skill points to unlock the ability to retire different tiers and types of items.

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As can be expected, the higher tier items and heroes will gain players more XP in their collection book. However, it’s worth noting that retiring an item in the collection book means players can’t access it any longer, so it’s best to wait for duplicates before getting rid of anything. This is especially true when players decide to retire their best weapon schematics, as getting rid of one’s best guns without suitable replacements can make things more difficult in the later stages of the game.

In any case, leveling up the collection book nets players rewards ranging from general XP to V-Bucks and Pure Drops of Rain. Players won’t earn Pure Drops of Rain every single time they level up the collection book, but reaching certain levels will gift them with a few or more.

So in summation, the two ways players can get a Pure Drop of Rain in Fortnite are completing quests and upgrading the collection book. However, it’s worth noting that, since Fortnite is still a paid early access game, it’s possible that the way players obtain Pure Drops of Rain will change once the game nears its full release in 2018. For now, though, anyone looking to evolve heroes will want to play as many quests as possible and start hoarding items to retire.

Fortnite is available now in early access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game’s full free-to-play release is scheduled for some point in 2018.