Fortnite: Where to Find Public Service Signs

fortnite neo tilted psa signs

One of the final challenges of Fortnite Battle Royale's Season 9 is to "Visit Different Public Service Announcement Signs in Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, or Mega Mall." Players are tasked with dropping in or running to one of these three locations to find Public Service Announcement signs, signs that flash between a red warning symbol and images offering silly tips. This short guide will provide Fortnite challenge completionists the information needed to find the 5 signs necessary to complete the challenge.

The most important detail about the PSA sign challenge is that each of the three locations, Neo Tilted, Pressure Plant, and Mega Mall, has at least five signs within it. Fortnite players can technically complete the challenge in a single location without having to visit any other. It will require a familiarity with the location in order to avoid running in circles, so choosing a location that's familiar is key. If all else fails, traveling to multiple locations should make the challenge very easy.

This guide will break down where to find five sign at all three different Fortnite locations. For folk looking for a fast and easy completion, Mega Mall is recommended as three signs can be quickly found just by walking around outside of the mall.

fortnite mega mall public service announcement

Mega Mall

Starting at the north side of the mall, there's a PSA sign to the upper right of the mall's front doors and main sign. From here, start moving around outside of the mall to the west and then south. Another PSA sign will be high up on the outer wall just past the west-side doors. Keep going around to the south and there will be a PSA sign to the upper-right of mall's southern doors. That's three signs just from walking around the outside of the mall.

The fourth sign in the mall is straight ahead if you enter through the southern entrance. It's just past a purple placard on a pillar between the escalators. While still facing northward, go up the escalator to your right and walk past Pizza Pit. The fifth sign will be on the wall just past the pizza place.

Neo Tilted

Starting on the eastern side of Neo Tilted, directly in front of the statue and fountain, turn to the right and a PSA sign will be about three stairs high up on the wall of a nearby building. Note that there are several other signs here, but only the signs that flash with a red warning symbol count for the challenge. Turn all the way around and run west until you see two cars to the right. The second PSA sign will be on the wall past the green car.

Turn to the right at the building's corner and run down the street past the yellow car. There is a building on the left with another PSA sign to the upper right of its doorway. The fourth sign in Neo Tilted is further down the road on the side of the tower. Both signs should be visible as you're running past the yellow car in the road.

The fifth sign will require another right turn after the red and blue semi-truck, or a 180-degree turn after finding sign four on the side of the tower. Go all the way past the orange car in the road and turn right at the corner of the building. The sign will be on the wall above you to your right.

fortnite pressure plant PSA signs

Pressure Plant

Start at the south of Pressure Plant on the road to the east of where the lava is beginning to spill. Two signs should be immediately visible. The first is on a wall just to the left of some cars, above the lava. The second is huge and is on the gigantic wall of the Pressure Plant itself. After getting these two, make sure you're on the catwalk with the yellow railing.

Move along the scaffolding with the yellow rails to the staircase that climbs the gigantic Pressure Plant wall. There is only one PSA sign along these stairs, attached to the Pressure Plant wall. After climbing all the way to the top, run straight north to find the fourth Pressure Plant PSA sign.

After finding the fourth PSA sign in Pressure Plant, turn to the right and build stairs over the tube and jump down next to the truck. The fifth PSA sign is behind the truck, to the north, just past some fencing with barbed wire along the top. For a bonus, follow that barbed wire fencing to find the sixth sign in the area.

These tips are based on a HarryNinetyFour YouTube video guide for the PSA challenge. For those having trouble with the text directions, this video provides a great visual guide to running around each area. Note that while the YouTube video stops exploring each area after finding five or six signs, that doesn't mean that it shows every single sign in each area. There's a possibility that there are more and that they can be found with a little bit of exploration.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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