Battle royale hit Fortnite could be bringing back a rare skin as part of a special themed set, according to a teaser posted by Epic Games’ official Fortnite Twitter account. The Power Chord skin, a female-only punk outfit, was released in spring 2018 as part of the Volume 11 set along with Anarchy Axe, Rock Out emote, and Six String back bling. Yet since its brief availability window, Epic has yet to return it to the shop despite fan requests. That may change tonight.

Earlier today Epic Games tweeted three emojis along with the word “Tonight.” A lightning bolt, electric guitar, and a thinking emoji put together could imply another surprise, but the return of the Power Chord skin seems the most likely possibility. The return of the Rock Out emote, a popular companion to the Thanos skin, is also speculated to return.

The other most likely possibility is the release of two previously leaked rock and roll-themed skins featuring leather jackets, sunglasses, and neon-dyed hair. Epic could release just the two new skins without also releasing the Power Chord, or it could release all of the skins together, or it could release nothing at all. Epic tends to be unpredictable, but also very willing to deliver exactly what fans want.

Today’s likely new skins will prove a follow-up to the recently launched High Stakes event in Fortnite, which began this past Thursday. The event added several new challenges for players to complete, rewarding a variety of free cosmetic items in-game upon finishing. The update also added the new Wildcard skin with swappable masks and a Safecracker glider. Finally, there’s the Ace Pack, a premium offering featuring the Ace outfit and a special Swag Bag back bling.

Epic is likely hoping to capitalize on the influx of players taking part in the High Stakes event with the release of what could be several new skins. It’ll only build on the excited atmosphere pertaining to the ongoing mystery surrounding Fortnite‘s upcoming Season 6 and the in-game cube. Season 5 is certainly showing no signs of ending quietly. High Stakes and what could be the Power Chord skin are likely just the beginning.

Fortnite is available now, free to play, on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.