Fortnite Player Rage Quits Tournament Because of Mechs

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The BRUTE mechs introduced as part of Fortnite's Season 10 remain a controversial subject. They serve as an armored vehicle with the potential to eliminate Fortnite opponents in a single rocket salvo, and there's perhaps no better example of how frustrating it can be to play against the BRUTE than this recent blowup from Twitch streamer CouRageJD. Befitting his name, CouRage became so frustrated in the middle of a Fortnite tournament that he quit.

CouRage and partner TimTheTatman were playing in a duos Twitch Rivals tournament. The two had bunkered down in a building in Paradise Palms, hoping two nearby BRUTE mechs would be taken down by other players or each other. Or at least hoping the BRUTEs wouldn't stumble into their fortified building. But, CouRage was taken down by a rocket salvo that he never even saw coming.

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After CouRage's elimination, he explodes in frustration, shouting, "**** the mechs.  Why are they a ****ing thing?". When TimTheTatman is eventually eliminated, CouRage lets his feelings about the situation out. "There's no rewarding part of this thing," he says about the BRUTE mechs. "I don't know anyone who likes these."

Clearly angry by this point, CouRage makes the decision to stop playing mid-tournament. "I'm not playing anymore, bro. I'm off this game. I'm sorry Tim, I'm not playing anymore today." He also repeatedly describes how much he loves Fortnite, but that the decision to keep BRUTES in-game is "incompetent," "frustrating," and makes his "blood boil." CouRage continues to stream, playing Minecraft for the rest of the day.

While CouRage's behavior is is difficult to defend, his general frustration is easy to empathize with. Fortnite players everywhere have had the experience of getting one-shot by BRUTE mech since the vehicle's introduction at the start of Season 10. There's simply no reliable counterplay, so in a high-stress competitive environment like a tournament, dying to a BRUTE in such a way must be all the more frustrating.

Epic remains dedicated to keeping BRUTE mechs in Fortnite, whether it be casual or competitive play. The developer released information showing that BRUTE mechs were serving their intended purpose, which was to allow players who may not be able to get eliminations normally to get some with the BRUTE. Data shows that eliminations at higher levels of play haven't changed with the addition of BRUTEs. It's when they do happen, even if they're rare, that's so frustrating.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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