Epic Games released its build-your-own-fortress survival game Fortnite through early access less than a week ago, and players are already taking a strong liking to it. One fan has pushed their love for Fortnite to the extreme, spending a staggering $1500 USD in six days in efforts to obtain a Mythic Hero.

Reddit user daymeeuhn confessed to their spending habits in a Fortnite forum, where they stated, “[I’m] $1500 in so far and not a single Mythic Hero.” The admission served a double purpose to warn other Fortnite players about the rarity of the hero in question. “Just a heads-up before you start chain opening them to find one,” daymeeuhn wrote before expressing their frustration at the users who had already unlocked a Mythic Hero. “For those of you that have one, a) I hate you, b) ‘grats, c) you’re luckier than you realize.”

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In Fortnite, Mythic Heroes are the top tier of playable characters, sitting above the Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities. Additionally, it appears that only one hero from each of the game’s four classes (Soldier, Ninja, Constructor, Outlander) are available in Mythic rarity. These include Master Grenadier Ramirez, Megabase Kyle, Phase Scout Jess, and Swordmaster Ken.

Mythic Heroes are definitely rare in Fortnite lore, and there is, at present, one known way to unlock heroes for free. Players must first complete the game’s tutorial to get a feel for the base-building mechanics, and then begin collecting as many loot llamas as they can. Users can crack these llama-shaped piƱatas open for loot, which includes new heroes. The only other alternative is to spend real currency on loot llama packs, which is exactly the route daymeeuhn took.

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Daymeeuhn explained that they spent their money on “100 cost packs” of loot llamas in hopes that one would contain a Mythic hero, and that the “only item in the game [they] care about opening are Survivors and Heroes.” After they hit the $1000 spent mark, they viewed all other items, such as Weapon/Trap bundles, as obsolete. This is quite like what many Overwatch players have done, and continue to do, to get their hands on new heroes. They will shell out actual currency on loot boxes and cross their fingers a rare hero is inside.

Given that Fortnite‘s hero-unlocking system doesn’t provide many opportunities for a workaround, especially to get a certain hero, daymeeuhn’s spending money is somewhat understandable. However, it’s the amount spent that’s hard to grasp. The majority of users on the original Reddit forum expressed shock and dismay when reading the original post. “I understand paying money for loot in these games and other free to play games… to each their own. But you realize [Epic Games is] using your psychology against you to spent exorbitant amounts of money, right?” one user said. Another stated they thought spending $700 USD in League of Legends Riot points in six years was “bad,” and that $1500 in six days is downright shameful.

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In the end, and $1500 later, daymeeuhn finally unlocked a Mythic hero in Swordmaster Ken. Ironically, that’s the hero they “wanted the least.” Daymeeuhn’s experience may be a tale of caution to other Fortnite players to avoid the temptation to buy their way to a hero. Or perhaps it will give developers some insight on ways they can improve the game.

Fortnite‘s hero-unlocking system could change in the future, once the game releases as a free-to-play title in 2018. For now, though, pooling loot llamas without spending real-life money seems the best option.

Fortnite is out now in early access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit – Fortnite