After an Epic Games’ PAX East panel consisting of Epic president Mike Capps and design director Cliff Bleszinski revealed their plans for a PC-exclusive title, the near-spontaneous reaction was to ask what the title was.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Cliffy B and Mikey C weren’t ready to divulge that information just yet — but the speculation continued unencumbered. Epic made no mention of whether or not the title was an unannounced IP, and so, with the upcoming Infinity Blade: Dungeons locked in as an iOS release, it wasn’t long before the developer’s recently-revealed Fortnite was brought up for discussion.

Even though the colorful construction/survival game — which we glimpsed briefly in a VGA debut trailer — is thought to be a multiplatform downloadable release, Joystiq asked outright if Fortnite was, in fact, the aforementioned PC-exclusive. The response was more of a deflection, but it never fully denied the question’s premise.

“Yes, we’re working on a PC game. No, it’s not a port. Yes, you’ll have to wait to find out more,”

While we wait though, it appears that Epic Games producer Chris Mielke has gone about augmenting the platform listing of Fortnite on his LinkedIn profile.

Superannuation found that Mielke’s status for his work on Fortnite lists the title as “Fortnite (TBD).” Quite humdrum. However, with an accompanying Google cache search, it was discovered that “TBD” was “Fortnite (PC) as recently as Sunday night:

Fortnite PC Exclusive Epic

Why the sudden change? How long was it listed as “PC?” Was Mielke attempting to eliminate confusion… or was he plugging up a leak? All of the questions add interesting wrinkles to the curiosity surrounding Epic’s surprising announcement.

That said, with Fortnite already making a splash four months ago at the VGA’s, it’s unlikely that Epic would suddenly peg it as a PC exclusive — as if the addendum was a sheer afterthought. Epic certainly has a wealthy catalog of franchises capable of being resurrected for their PC audience (or what remains of it after a lengthy absence from the platform), and an Unreal Tournament rebirth, a Gears of War offshoot, or a brand new IP all seem like more viable possibilities.

Ranters, what do you want out of Epic’s next PC title? How would you react if Fortnite turned out to be an exclusive for the platform?

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