Fortnite Pets Added As New Cosmetic in Season 6

fortnite pets

Season 6 of Fortnite is just hours away, as the Battle Royale servers have gone down for maintenance and to implement all the changes. In the interim, however, Epic Games has revealed patch notes for Season 6 of Fortnite, which shed light on some of the new items and features coming to the game.

No doubt players will be talking about the map changes and the new features for Darkness Rises, but perhaps the biggest additions on the cosmetic side are pets. These new cosmetics will reportedly give players a companion as they try to survive 99 other combatants.

While it’s unclear how exactly pets will work (Season 6 is not live as of writing), it looks like they will be a form of back bling. The three options shown as part of the Fortnite 6.0 Patch Notes are a blue dragon, a dog, and an iguana.

fortnite season 6 werewolf skin

Initially, talk of pets makes it sound like these creatures or animals will be walking alongside players in Fortnite Battle Royale but that likely isn't the case. No doubt these pets would end up giving away player positions (looking at you, bush bandits) or draw more attention to nearby enemies. Keeping the pets in the backpack offers a customization option and doesn’t interfere with gameplay.

Up until now, Epic Games has made a large fortune on the back of a set of cosmetics but they have now expanded that category even further. No doubt pets are going to be popular with the younger Fortnite players and will surely generate plenty of revenue throughout Season 6. And if there was any doubt that Epic was going to run out of ideas for skins and pickaxes and gliders, they have just opened up a whole treasure trove.

Fortnite Season 6 begins September 27th on all platforms.

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